Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Summer Vacation 2014 ~ Johnson Family Reunion

Every other year my dad's side of the family has a big reunion in the little North Carolina town that my grandmother was born and raised in. So every other July for as long as I can remember we have packed up the car and traveled to the mountains. My dad is number ten of ten children and most years the majority of my aunts and uncles and their kids packed their vehicles and headed South with us. My grandparents always went, too, and we would all spend time with my Great Granny (my Granny's mom). We always treasured it because it was the only time we would really see her since she was already close to 80 when I was born and didn't make the trip up North often.

Great Granny passed away in 2009, but we all kept going down for the reunion anyway. Then my dad's mom, my Granny, passed away this past February so this was the first reunion without her. It was definitely bittersweet, but it means so much to me to keep the tradition going for my babies. Going "down South" was such a big part of my childhood so when the position for a "reunion planner" for 2014 was vacant at the last reunion in 2012, Daniel encouraged me to fill it. I was pregnant with LG at the time and we joked then that we might have another one on the way by then! Our joking ended up being a reality as I was 32 weeks along with Liam!

Now that nearly all of my 20 cousins (I'm number 18 of 20) are married and have kids of their own (Londyn Grace is the 26th great grandchild!), there are a ton of us whenever we get together! Unfortunately not all of us were able to make the trip for this year's get together, but several of us did!
5 of the 10! My Daddy is on the left!

The reunion is traditionally held the weekend of the 4th of July and we always gather at the Old Baptist Campground for a Sunday morning service. This year my Daddy preached, all of the cousins in attendance sang along with my Dad and some of my aunts and uncles. Our family group, Glorybound, also sang. It was such a sweet service with a few tears shed!

After the service, we have a big dinner with fried chicken and lots of other Southern comfort food. Prizes are given for the most family present, most miles traveled, youngest, oldest, etc. Goosey won the prize for being the youngest person present! My Uncle Jim and his family won the prize for most miles traveled as they drove in from Texas.

I didn't take hardly any pictures during the service and dinner since I was busy directing things and keeping track of LG!

Once the meal is finished, we all head up the hill for the North vs. South softball game.

Londyn Grace had a blast watching this year and playing with Caroline and Andrew, her cousins from Georgia!

My cousin, Tony, is six years older than me, but his son, Andrew was born just two months before LG and could possibly share a birthday with Liam since he turns two in August!

It's crazy to think that Londyn Grace will be Caroline's age at the next reunion!

She looked pretty cute practicing her catching! (unfortunately, if she's anything like her mama she'll need plenty of practice! I totally missed out on the athletic genes that are so strong on my Dad's side of the family!) 

The reunion happened to fall on Daniel's 31st birthday so we had to get a picture of LG with the birthday boy!

I'm so glad that we were able to attend the 31st Johnson Family Reunion and am already looking forward to 2016!


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