Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ice Cold Lemonade

Since we planned to have a yard sale to make a few dollars for our upcoming vacation,  I thought it would be fun for Londyn Grace to make a little cash for the trip, too.

She loves being in the kitchen so she was super excited to make lemonade for her stand.

Daddy helped her squeeze the lemons on Friday evening while I rocked Bubby to sleep. When they finished, she brought a cup upstairs for me to try! It was so yummy, but her excitement over it was even sweeter! As she drifted off to sleep, she told me again how she couldn't wait until morning!

When she woke up bright and early on Saturday, she was raring to go! Daniel decided to take Liam with him on visitation so we could focus on the yard sale and lemonade selling, things a busy almost two year old boy wouldn't find super exciting, so it was just me and my firstborn for the day.

She provided entertainment free of charge while we waited for customers. Such a silly girl!

We started the day with her table up in the driveway, but it was hard to be seen by people driving by. I suggested we should go down to the sidewalk to advertise!

I never want to forget how precious she was waving her lemons and yelling "Ice Cold Lemonade!" or how she replied "No! You're my Mama! You don't have to pay for it!" when I asked her if I could buy a cup! 

I'm pretty sure she drank her weight in the sugary liquid so much so that she wasn't hungry for lunch!

She was such a hard worker though and stayed at her table all day! Between stirring the lemonade and counting her profits, she stayed busy!

She learned about George Washington and Abe Lincoln, too!

She had so many sweet customers! Some of our church friends stopped by, and she loved serving them! One man who made a u-turn when he heard her advertising gave her a $5 bill and told her to keep the change for all her hard work! Another bought a second cup since his first was so tasty! And her personal favorite was an older gentleman who shared a name with the mouse at Disney World!

I love this picture of her pretending to be sad when we had a lull in business for awhile and several cars passed without stopping! 

It took a lot of convincing to get her to close up shop for the day, but when all was said and done, she had made $21 dollars! Lot of people gave her way more than the 50 cent asking price!

She had so much fun, and we made the best memories!

She sure missed her Brother though! I think it was the longest they have ever been apart! 

She was so excited to see him coming up the street!

Daddy delighted her with his juggling skills!

So we can now cross "Have a Lemonade Stand" off of our Summer Bucket List, but if a certain pigtailed little girl has her way, I'm almost sure we'll be having another before the season ends!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sweet Summertime

I can hardly believe it's June already! This year is flying by and since we don't have any one in school yet here and don't have to wait for the last day of classes, our Summer officially begins on Memorial Day!

We are looking forward to an exciting Summer ahead! This is the first Summer that we have two walkers who are old enough to enjoy all of the activities and a mama who isn't expecting so she can ride rides at amusement parks and for the most part have the energy to keep up with them while they do so!

This past Monday, we crossed off an item on our Summertime Bucket List. Mondays are always our favorite because Daddy is home with us, but they are extra special when we plan a fun activity to do together. Late last week, I saw an advertisement for strawberry picking at the farm where we go in the Fall for pumpkin picking. When I mentioned it to Daniel, he agreed that it would be fun to go!

We live about 35-40 minutes from the farm so we got up early, grabbed breakfast on the go, and headed out to Chester.

Londyn Grace was excited to pick strawberries, and Liam couldn't wait to see the tractor!

It's wasn't too busy when we arrived except for a few school groups so we were able to get right on the hayride to take us out to the fields!

But the cows caught their attention first so Daddy purchased some feed, and they enjoyed letting the animals eat from their hands.

The berry patch is pretty far from the main entrance so we had a good bit of time to feel the breeze and look around the farm at the other produce they are growing while we rode the hayride.

Bubby just kept ooing and ahhing over the tractor! 

When we got to the field, Daddy showed him how to pick the berries. Watching him lift the leaves and look for them while saying "berries" over and over again was so precious! 

Londyn Grace didn't need lessons, she just got right to work! 

I just love this capture of my sweet girl! She was so proud of her pickings!

Liam enjoyed it, too, but had a hard time with not eating them until we paid!

Daddy and Goosey worked hard filling our baskets.

I think she would've picked for hours if we let her. She absolutely loved it!

I'm so glad Daddy snapped this picture of me with my girl! Brother wasn't wanting his picture taken at this point so we just did one with Londyn Grace! I don't have the chance to be in front of the camera often so I love getting to be in the shot with my babies!

Once we filled our baskets, it was time to head back to the barn to pay for our bounty.

Londyn Grace loved the baby ones! 

After the ride back from the fields, Daddy paid for our strawberries while we looked at more animals and climbed on the hay mountain! 

On our way home, Daddy suggested lunch at Cracker Barrel which made our pancake lovers super happy! 

After a few phone calls to my Mom Mom back in Maryland, Londyn Grace and I canned six successful jars of jelly on Tuesday. Before it even cooled, we enjoyed it's sweet flavor straight off of the spoon! 

She has loved sharing it with family and friends and has already asked to make more.

It was the perfect beginning to what is sure to be a sweet sweet summertime of memory making with our little family!