Sunday, July 13, 2014

Londyn Grace is 21 months old!

Londyn Grace turned 21 months old while we were away on our vacation (a post and lots of pictures from our trip to come this week!) last week.

I just can't believe she's so close to two! This past month was a busy one, (not as busy as July has been/is going to be for our little family of three (soon to be four!)) but we managed to mark off another big girl milestone for our sweet girl in the midst of the busyness!

Our biggest accomplishment this past month was definitely potty training! She is about 80% trained only wearing a pull-up for naptime and bedtime or if we are going to be in the car for an extended amount of time. We used the three day method and she amazed me with how quickly she "got it!" She still has accidents occasionally, but overall is doing great especially considering her age and how much we have traveled in the past few weeks.

In addition to learning how to use the potty,  Lovey Lou has continued to surprise us with how quickly her vocabulary is growing! She added lots of new words this month, taking her to well over 100 words since she was at 80 words last month.

Some new words and some of my favorites that I'm not sure I've listed before include:

babbries (batteries - when a book that makes sounds wasn't working I told her it needed batteries so now she points out all toys that have batteries)

"It died!" (when she sees our phones/laptop charging)



hello (not only as a greeting, but it's also what she calls phones!)

"Shh!" (when she sees someone sleeping or when pretending her babies are crying)



toilet paper

nands (hands, she loves to wash them after going to the potty)


Oma & Opa (Daniel's grandparents (his grandmother is from Germany so it was fitting that we use German names for them!)

Leilani, Lauren, & Duke (church friends)


Joseph & Wayne (our church maintenance men)

haircut (I got my haircut a few weeks ago and it was quite the traumatic experience for her!)

blocks (her new favorite toy)

spray (her detangler spray)


She absolutely loves to greet people and as you can see from the list above greets most people whether family or church people by name. As soon as someone walks into the room she says, "Hi {insert name here!} even if it's her Daddy and she's already seen him several times that hour!

She is a singing machine and knows most of the words to "Spiders" (Itsy Bitsy Spider), "Round and Round" (The Wheels on the Bus"), Baa Baa Black Sheep, and This Little Light of Mine. Her favorite song by far is the ABC's and she is pretty much singing it constantly! She has the LMNOP part down and is getting ready good at the other letters!

I haven't weighed or measured her lately and her checkup isn't until next week at the pediatrician, but she is still fitting into 18 month clothes nicely. After wearing a size four shoe since late Fall and after I just ordered size four saltwater sandals which fit perfectly when they arrived a few weeks ago, it looks like she will be moving up to a size 5 soon!

She is sleeping great at night and still loving her big girl bed! She has moved her naptime back a little but is still taking one good nap a day. She is staying up until 2:00 now and napping until around 4:00.

Goosey is still pretty picky about her food. Breakfast favorites are still pancakes and oatmeal while rice, mac and cheese and soup are lunch and dinner staples. She is still avoiding meat at all costs! I try to sneak a bite or two in when she's eating soup, but she detects it right away! :(

I don't have quite the list I usually have of her doings and sayings from the last month, but here are a few of the cute things she did/said:

I told you to "Hold your horses!" when you were being impatient, and you responded with "Neigh!"

We went to MD for Auntie's surgery and you were very concerned about her, constantly telling me "My boo." for days following it.

I took you in to put you to bed when we were at Pop Pop & Mimi's and everyone was being noisy so I yelled "Guys!" to get their attention and remind them I was trying to get you to sleep so you copied me and continued to yell "Guys!" for 15 minutes!

The next night as soon as we laid down you yelled, "Guys!”

You saw Daddy's phone plugged in you said, "It died!"

You were trying to stall bedtime and didn't want to sleep yet so you were talking to me as I rocked you. You said "Mama?" And I said "Yes, Sweetie?!" Then you said "Ummm...." And started cracking up laughing because you couldn't think of anything else to say!

You pulled me in for a kiss while I rocked you! Sweetest thing ever!! 

I went to get my haircut and returned with it shorter than it's been in awhile and also got bangs cut for the first time in years. You took one look at me, burst into tears and ran away. It was awful. It took you at least a half hour to let me hold you. It broke my heart! You still insist on my lifting my bangs up to show you that it's really Mama! 

It's hard to believe yet another month has passed and though there are times when I wish I could find a pause button and keep her small forever, I am so enjoying the precious gift of watching our tiny babe grow into a sweet little girl!

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