Tuesday, February 25, 2014

13 and 14 weeks with baby number two

We've been missing in action around the blog since our Valentine's post due to another death in our family. You already know about Mamal (my maternal great grandmother) passing in mid-January. Last week, just three weeks after Mamal went to Heaven, my Granny (paternal grandmother) joined her on streets of gold. Granny's death was a bit more sudden than Mamal's since she hadn't been really sick, but nonetheless she was 87 and had lived a long life of service to the Lord. Londyn Grace and I spent the week in Maryland with family and Daniel met us for the funeral on Saturday. The service was beautiful and I believe God was glorified, just as Granny would've wanted it.

So all of this has put me a few weeks behind on my weekly bump-dates. Being pregnant always make me think of my Granny since she carried ten babies! My Daddy was the tenth of ten children!

I am 14 weeks and one day along with our sweet babe.

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a lemon and can now make facial expressions!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Haven't weighed lately, but I did eat a lot of junk while home in MD last week. :(

Maternity Clothes:  Still fitting into my regular clothes, but will soon retire my button up skirts!

Gender:  Can't believe it's almost March, which means only one more month until the big reveal!

Movement: I've felt a few things that remind me of the movements I felt with LG, but again it seems too early.

Sleep:  Sleeping pretty well overall!

What I miss:  Nothing! Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing!

Cravings: I've been enjoying soda which isn't like me since I'm typically a water only type of girl!

Symptoms:  The nausea has really subsided! Last week was my best week yet in terms of not feeling
nauseous. Still tired and starting to have a little heartburn.

Best Moment this week:  Being home with family and knowing that though sweet baby number two will never meet his/her Granny, they have a rich, godly heritage because of the love she had for the Lord and the life she lived so faithfully for Him.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Be My Valentine

Last week, after Londyn Grace woke up from her nap I decided it was a good afternoon to take a few Valentine's pictures. It was finally sunny enough to get some nice light coming in the window so we needed to take advantage of it! It's been so snowy and gray! We are actually getting another snowstorm this morning! We've already had over 40 inches this season!

A month or two ago, I found this sweet little vintage dress/top in an Instagram shop and knew it would be perfect for Valentine's pictures! I hung eyelet lace and a heart banner on baker's twine on my bedroom wall and set an old chair in front of it. It always helps to have a prop or something for her to sit on to keep her interested!

It ended up being perfect timing for Daddy to come home from the church so he was able to get several sweet smiles from our precious little Valentine!

She crossed her feet on her own! So ladylike! 

She is such a silly goose!

I ended up loving this one even though she's not looking at the camera! I really love how it focuses on her curls!

We are just so in love with this little lady!

Since we are snowed again today, I think we'll make a heart-shaped cake with pink icing to celebrate!

Wishing you all the sweetest Valentine's Day!  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

eleven weeks and baby number two's first picture!

Eleven weeks! I've heard women say that their second pregnancies went by a lot faster than their first and now I believe it to be true!

I can't believe I am almost through the first trimester! I am eleven weeks and three days along!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a fig and tiny teeth are forming under his or her gums!
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Up seven pounds since the day I got a positive test seven weeks ago. 

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet, but my button up skirts are getting a little snug and harder to button.

Gender:  Daddy said, "There she is!" when the picture appeared on the ultrasound screen! Our gender reveal is set for April 5th!

Movement:  Sweet baby was moving on the ultrasound and I am almost sure I've felt movements a few times in the last few days. It seems really early though. 

Sleep:  Waking up once to use the bathroom during the night and of course waking when Londyn Grace does!

What I miss:  Nothing! Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing!

Cravings: Pasta! Pasta! And more pasta! Still salty over sweet most of the time, but enjoying sweets, too! :)

Symptoms:  Still nauseous. Going to the bathroom more frequently. Tiredness.

Best Moment this week: Seeing our precious babe for the first time! 

The heartbeat was 163 bpm and he/she is measuring right on track! 

Thank You, Lord!

                                                          Only 9 more weeks until we'll get another peek!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Londyn Grace is 16 Months old!

Yesterday, we had a busy day with our first ultrasound bright and early in the morning {which means we got our first peek at our newest little blessing (post coming soon!)} and then spent the rest of the day cleaning while Daddy shoveled and shoveled the driveway after yet another snowstorm came our way, but in all of that busyness we didn't forget that our sweet girl turned sixteen months old!

It's hard to believe that yet another month has slipped by and that she is becoming more and more of a little girl and less and less of a baby as each day passes!

She finally hit 20 pounds and is measuring 30 inches tall. Twelve month clothes are still fitting nicely. I'm actually beginning to worry that some of the 18 month things we bought in anticipation for spring will be a bit big on our petite princess!

This month, just within the last week, she cut her first two molars! They have broken through the gums, but are still on their way completely out. This brings her total number of teeth to ten!

As far as eating, I have found that she eats better if I let her feed herself. She loves to use to use a fork and spoon and is getting pretty good at it. We've added oatmeal and pancakes to our list of breakfast favorites. She loves pasta and bread (just like her mama!), but still devours a plate of peas and will eat sweet potatoes, too. She's still picky about some things, but usually letting her feed herself does the trick. For snacks she likes bananas, raisins, puffs, and crackers. We are having a little trouble getting her to drink enough water and that is leading to some not so fun constipation issues, but we're working on trying to increase her fluid intake! She is still nursing!

She is still our happy, smily girl and is really such a pleasant baby 98% of the time! She is my little shadow and you can find her following me around the house all day long! I treasure each moment we get to spend together! I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with her. She has a toy box overflowing with toys, but most of the time she'd rather be wherever I am!

Her love for her baby dolls has really grown this month. She loves to carry all four of them around at the same time! She's also more interested in books lately.

As for her vocabulary, it is growing slowly! She says: Mama, Dada (and Daddy), ball, dog, Pop Pop, Mimi (although not if Mimi (my mom) is listening!), eyes, nose, hot, hi, bye, Johnny (Uncle Johnny), and Jesus. She sticks out her tongue and pants if you ask her what a doggie does and says "Ah! Ah" when asked what a monkey says! She says, "Cheese!" if I say "Say Cheese!" when taking her picture!

She loves to sing and can now do the motions to "Running Over!" She can point to her hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, belly and feet. She follows simple instructions so well! She automatically heads for the stairs if I say "Are you ready for your nap?" or "Do you want to take a bath?"

She is napping great. I usually rock her right after lunch around 12:30 and she typically sleeps between 1.5 and 2 hours. Once in a awhile, she will go 2.5 hours! Last Sunday, she napped for 3 hours! That was definitely a record! She's still waking at least once most nights, but did sleep through the night in her crib for the first time this month!

She's starting to fuss a good bit when she's in her carseat and will only calm down if she's holding my hand!

Here's our list of the things she's done this month:

1/11 helped unpack the groceries and put them in the cabinets

1/14 we were reading and there was a picture of a dog in the book. I said "What does a doggie do?" And you started panting!

1/17 I asked you to get the syrup out of the fridge and you did!

1/18 realized the syrup bottle (Mrs. Butterworth) looked like a doll and hugged it :)

Asked you if you wanted your picture taken with your baby and you needed all three of them!

Went to your first basketball game! You loved it! Clapped and cheered and watched most of it intently!

1/19 Grammy brought you puffs and I put a few on the couch for you to eat and you start bending down and eating them with your mouth instead of using your hands

1/21 You were looking at a book and I said is there a doggie in that book and you said "doggie!" so clearly and pointed to it!!

1/23 Auntie M was joking and told you to call Uncle Johnny "Bob" and you said "Bob!" and started cracking up!

1/24 Auntie M showed you a picture of Uncle Johnny and said "Who is that?" And you said "Johnny!" so clearly!

Waved at Mamal and she waved back, gave her kisses and kept wanting to see her (just a couple hours before she passed away)

1/27 found you in the bathroom putting toothpaste on your toothbrush

1/29 grabbed an oven mitt and put it on your hand and then walked over to the oven  (it wasn't on)

1/30 took a tissue from the box and wiped your nose!

It's been another wonderful month of watching you grow and change, Lovey Lou! How did we ever live without you?!