Monday, February 16, 2015

Liam's Six Month Portraits

Yep! You read that right! A half a year has passed since our sweet, sweet boy joined our family! Last Saturday morning, it was time to take his six months portraits!

I clearly remember my excitement over getting to take Londyn Grace's six month pictures outside. Unfortunately, we couldn't go out into the sunshine for Liam's since we are in the middle of one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record here in New Jersey. We are very much looking forward to Spring's arrival!

Our bedroom has several windows and some pretty great natural light so I decided it was the next best thing to getting outside.

I pushed our bed out of the way and set up shop in the corner so we could get a few shots of our Bubba!

I found his Baby Gap one piece cardigan sweater at Once Upon a Child a few weeks ago on the clearance rack for one dollar and bought the faux fur rug at Home Goods.

He was in the middle of a leap {speaking of leaps, if you've never heard of the Wonder Weeks app I highly recommend it!} so he wasn't as excited as his mama for his session, but I still managed to snap a few smiles.

The next one is probably my favorite of the whole session!

And then there's this one of him showing his silly side!

I would have loved to hire a photographer and have a session done, but overall I'm happy with how these turned out!

After I took these, it was time for a costume change! 

I wanted to incorporate the rocking chair we used for Big Sister's pictures so I choose a pair of vintage overalls and a hat that Mimi had gotten for him a few weeks ago to compliment the blue chair.

I always love my babies in blue since they both have blue eyes!

He spent most of this time looking at Sissy, but I love that I caught his love for her on camera!

If anyone can get a smile out of him, it's Londyn Grace.

I really love the next one! His sweet little smile and his eyelashes make my heart so happy!

And then there are his precious little feet and hands in this one!

It's so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we are over halfway to his first birthday!

He seems just as surprised by how quickly time flying! 

Happy 6 months, Big Man!! Daddy, Mama and Sister love you so very much and praise the Lord for what you've added to our family!