Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Time {Baby #2's Gender Reveal}

As soon as I saw those two pink lines back in December, I started thinking about the gender reveal party! Londyn Grace's reveal was such an amazing experience and the pictures and video we have from it are such treasures! I knew we would definitely do it again with this babe!

I scheduled my ultrasound for this past Monday, and we went as a family since it was Daniel's day off! Seeing our sweet baby again was so much fun. I took an envelope along that had a card tucked inside of it for the tech to check little miss or little mister off on so we wouldn't know the gender until Saturday with everyone else. She found and was certain of the gender pretty quickly making Daniel second guess his certainty of adding more pink to our household! With LG's ultrasound, it took the tech awhile to be certain.

I spent the rest of the week preparing for the party! The theme was "It's Time!"

I used clocks as decor and my sweet mama made the precious clock cake!

I chose navy blue and pink for the color scheme and added polka dots and chevron for interest. Of course, I had to add in our beloved Scrabble tiles and burlap as well!

I hung this wreath on our front door and guests had to cast their vote as they arrived!

For favors, my sweet little cousin helped me get a box of Hershey bars into theme! We then tied them with baker's twine and stamped a clock onto "burlap" scrapbook paper to finish the look.

The menu consisted of BBQ chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese, meatballs, potato salad, pasta salad, veggies and dip and pretzels and hummus.

We had several family members make the three to four hour drive from back home and then had lots of our church here as well! The house was packed, but the fellowship was sweet!

We even got a picture with both sides of our immediate family!

Londyn Grace had a wonderful day basking in the attention everyone was showering upon her!

After we ate, if was finally time to head to the backyard for the reveal.

I wanted to do something that would be fun for LG so we decided to do balloons and confetti in a big box! We bought a large box from Staples and took it to a party store in town. I also took the envelope and two bags of streamers cut into squares for the confetti. I told the sweet girl at the store to throw away whichever bag she didn't use and to fill the box with whichever color balloons the card inside the envelope indicated!

It ended up being a gorgeous, but windy day so getting the box secured in the tree was a bit tricky!

I was just happy that it wasn't raining since we had a pretty wet week here in Jersey!

Daniel and our dads were able to get it up there and ready for the reveal so it was go time!

Everyone was ready with their phones and iPads! :)

We had the bottom taped with masking tape so we could pull the string and the tape would pull off easily. The top of the box of secured with packing tape since it wouldn't need to be opened and it would need to be stronger in order to keep it in the tree.

As Daniel and I pulled our strings, the string came completely out apart from the tape, but we managed to get it open and confetti started flying!!!

The balloons ended up coming out last and then flying to the side instead of down on us as I had planned, but either way it was perfect!

We are having a baby BOY!!!

Having our family and friends gathered around for this moment and capturing the joy on film (or on a memory card, you get the point! ;) ) means so much to me!!

After we cleaned up the mess (a very BLUE and beautiful mess!), we headed back inside for cake and to open the envelope I had been dying to open!

The tech was kind enough to include proof of her discovery! 

I still can't believe we are having a tiny little mister!!

Stay tuned for a video from our reveal festivities and for the revealing of our son's name!!

(If you haven't already seen it on Instagram!)


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