Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Londyn Grace is a year and a half!

18 months! Another half of a year has passed already?! How can she be halfway to two?! Weren't we just planning her first birthday party and taking her one year portraits?!

If the first year went by fast so far the second has surpassed it and seems to be flying by with no signs of slowing down!

It is amazing how much of a baby she seemed like when looking back at pictures and her update from October. Fast forward just six short months ahead and we have a toddler on our hands!

Talking and doing so much on her own! At her first birthday party, she wasn't even walking yet!

I am so surprised and so thrilled with how verbal she is becoming! I had kind of braced myself for a bit of a delay with speech since the pediatrician thought she may take a little longer being an only child, but she proved him wrong!

This was the list of words from last month:

*Nonnyn (Londyn)
*Mimi       (my mom)
*Pop Pop (my dad)
*Grammy (Daniel's mom)
*Mom Mom (my grandmother)
*Johnny (Uncle Johnny) 

*Tammy (my cousin)
*Duke (a little boy at church)
*Chloe (the little girl I've started keeping during the week)
*"I don't know"
*Tweet tweet
*Cheese (when smiling for the camera)

Over the past four weeks she has added so many! Here are a few of the words/phrases she now says,

*Mommy (instead of mama)
*toothpaste (she loves to brush her teeth)
*Bible (she calls the hymnals at church, Bibles!)
*"I need more." (Her first full sentence!)
*Peas (her favorite veggie)
* Pancakes
* Oatmeal  (her two go-to breakfast foods)
*"Excuse me!" (after burping)
* Is-sis (her attempt at Lyssa (my little cousin))
* Auntie
* Megan (my sister)
* "Love you!"
*bas-ball (basketball)

Her little voice is so so sweet!

Goosey begins the second half of her second year at twenty two pounds and 31 and half inches tall. She is mainly wearing 12 month clothes with some 18 month dresses for length. She can actually still fit in her 9 month onesies!

She has done well with eating this month adding a few more foods to her list of likes. She still loves peas, any kind of soup, and any kind of pasta. She discovered shredded cheese and loves it which I was surprised by since she doesn't like cheese slices. She is not loving any kind of meat so that's been a challenge. She has a pancake and oatmeal obsession! Her constipation has gotten so much better since she has started drinking better!

I cannot believe that she is still nursing a year and half after those early days that I thought we would never make it through, but she is! Now it is only twice a day, at naptime and bedtime. She still dreamfeeds during the night which means she is still not sleeping through! She typically sleeps from 9:30 to between 2:00-4:00 in her crib and then comes to snuggle with us in our bed until we have to get up at 7:15 for Chloe to be dropped off. She naps well usually for about two hours after lunch.

She doesn't watch tv much at all, but loves to watch basketball! She is her father's daughter, that's for sure! She loves puzzles, balls, and her play food for her kitchen set that Pop Pop and Mimi built her for Christmas. She loves to sing and is almost constantly singing the little songs she makes up! She has such a cheerful spirit!

Along with so many other things I couldn't possibly list, here are a few of the things I want to remember from this past month!

March 6 - after you finished your snack, you picked up your plate and licked it!

March 7 - asked you to close the door and you had to shut the gate first!

You brought me the detangler and your brush and wanted me to do your hair

March 8 - we were thrifting and you saw a container of matchbox cars. There was a rug with a road and city on it which you've never seen before, but you grabbed a car and started driving it on the road!

I picked you up and said "I love you!" and you willingly gave me a kiss!

March 9 - you fist bumped one of the teens at church! So cute!

March 10 - asked for "toothpaste"  for your toothbrush

Said "thank you" to Daddy when he opened something for you

Ate pancake batter (yuck!)

March 12 - pointed out most of the pictures on the front cover of your 100 first words book!

March 17 - said "Purple!" when Mimi was doing colors with you

Discovered plastic Easter eggs at a thrift shop! You were in love!

were playing with uncle Johnny and Auntie in the bedroom and came out in the living room for a minute, said "Megan! Jo-Jo!" and went back into the room where they were!

March 18 said "Love You!"

Asked for Pop Pop on FaceTime as soon as you woke up!

March 20th - I was getting diapers ready for laundry and I asked you to bring me the wipes which were in the living room. You walked away and came back with the wipes!

March 21st - you were getting ready to turn on the tv and I asked you what you wanted to watch you said "basketball" which is what was on when the picture appeared! Then you said "Dada"

March 28 - had your first ice cream cone!

March 29 - you said "excuse me" after you burped (when I asked you what do you say?)

You have mastered "more" when you want another bite.

You clearly said "I need juice" when you came looking for your sippy cup

We went to the park for the first time this year and it was her first time as a walker! Let's just say it's now a whole different ball game! She was all over that playground! She loved the slide, but surprisingly wasn't a fan of the swing! Last year, she loved it!  I'm hoping she will learn to love it again!

She is very mobile! Walking, running, climbing! She loves the stairs and is trying hard to climb them like a big girl instead of crawling up them.

I feel like I'm probably forgetting so much because it literally seems like she is doing or learning something new every single day, but this gives you a pretty good picture of who she is at 18 months old!

She is our truly our joy!

Londyn Grace,

How can you be halfway to two?! What a wonderful 6 months it has been since your first birthday! You are becoming such a big girl and Daddy and Mama are loving every minute of it! We are so excited to see what the next six months bring for you, Lovey! Keep growing and being your sweet, happy, friendly self and lighting up every room you enter! We praise the Lord for the precious gift of you!!

Love, "Dada & Mommy" as you call us these days!


  1. Happy 18 months sweet, sweet girl!!

  2. Happy 18 months to your baby girl! It does go by surprisingly fast! She's such a cutie pie!