Sunday, June 10, 2012

Waddle it Be?

Saturday, June 9th was a day I had been planning for and dreaming of since we found we were expecting back in February! And it proved to be everything I hoped and prayed it would be!

Several of our family members made the three and half hour drive from Maryland to be here for the BIG reveal and we had lots of dear people from church celebrating with us as well.

I've been working for the last month or two on the little details that brought our theme together.  I had so much fun with it!

The picture I used for the front of our invitation came from a vintage children's book published in 1942 called Darling Ducklings that my Mama had, and I built everything else around the duckling theme!

This wreath greeted our guests!

Our main colors were red, yellow and white with accents of pink and blue.

I copied pages from the book and hung them on the table.

According to the Old Wives Tales, it should be a girl!

Our menu consisted of ham and cheese sliders, chicken ceaser sandwiches, veggies and dip, pasta salad chips, and pretzels. 

I made cupcakes for the guests and had the bakery make the small round cake in the picture above for our reveal!

We also had pink lemonade and blue raspberry lemonade!

Are you tired of my stalling yet? :)

I requested on the invite that everyone wear pink or blue depending on their guess and had little pink bows and blue ties for them to clip on!

My Mama found the perfect shirt for my Daddy because he couldn't decide! It had pink and blue stripes!

I wore blue voting boy and Daniel wore a pink bow clip voting girl! I couldn't convince him to wear a pink shirt!

We waited awhile to cut the cake to make sure that everyone made it for the reveal!

The anticipation in the room was so neat to watch! I just knew the filling would be blue! 

When I cut into it the piece was not coming out easily! Daniel said "I think I see some pink!"

When it finally came out, this is what we saw...

  It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are SO excited!!!!

I am so glad my Aunt captured the moment on film! My sister also got an awesome video of the priceless moment that I'll post when she emails it to me!

Then we opened the envelope from the bakery that the ultrasound technician sealed tightly on Monday! The note she added was so sweet! 

I think I'm still in shock! I can't wait to go shopping and start her nursery! :) I was convinced it was a boy because of how busy this baby is, but I guess we just have one busy girl! We are so thankful for this precious gift and the privilege of being parents to our sweet baby girl!


  1. We are so excited & can't wait to spoil HER rotten!
    Love Ya!
    Ma & Daddy

  2. I was so glad that my guess was incorrect but my hope was correct :)

    HER Very Proud Auntie-to-be :)

  3. Yay! A sweet Baby GIRL. That is so exciting. Congrats, Girly!

    1. Thanks, Elenie! :) It's been such a blessing following your blog since our due dates are so close!

  4. Love the theme for your party! And congrats on a girl! How exciting!!