Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Eggs & Donuts

On the Saturday before Easter, I was so excited to take LG to her first egg hunt! I found a hunt at a school in our town that was divided by age groups so our time slot was the earliest, but that worked perfectly since she's usually up early anyway.

I found a cute bucket at the Dollar Tree for her to use for collecting eggs because my childhood bunny basket is a bit big for carrying around.

I laid out her clothes with her bucket and a new bunny sippy cup Friday night before heading to bed and she was so excited to see it when she woke up!

We had our typical oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast and then got dressed and ready for the hunt!

When we arrived, we still had a few minutes before go time so we were able to see the Easter Bunny before the line got really long.

She wasn't too sure about him the first time around, but did sit on his lap without tears. He gave her a lollipop which helped, I'm sure!

Then she decided she really liked him so we got in line again! This time she gave him a high-five and a fist bump (the teens at church taught her how to do it!) then got a little teary when we had to say good-bye!

Then it was time for the hunt! 

She was ready to fill her bucket like we had practiced at home!

She really understood the concept and finished the hunt with at least half a bucket full! Not bad for her first try!

After all the eggs were collected, she sat and admired her prizes and candy.

She is a fan of sweet tarts! :)

After we were finished, I realized I had forgotten to put her bunny ears on that I had packed in the diaper bag so she wore them to our next stop, the post office.

Needless to say, she was quite the hit especially with an elderly lady in line ahead of us.

Once we finished at the post office, this pregnant mama was hungry so we stopped for a little snack at Dunkin before heading to the park!

LG picked a Peeps donut, and I had a breakfast sandwich.

It was a gorgeous day so we made the best of it and spent over an hour at the park!

This girl is a sliding machine! 

We ended up running into some friends from church while we were there and she had a blast playing with Faith and Ethan and their dad, Mel.

Later that evening, after a nap, of course, it was time for our final Easter themed activity!

Dyeing eggs!

I opted to do it on the porch just in case things got a little messy! ;)

Before we started, I let her draw on the eggs with crayons.

It didn't end up showing up very well after we dyed them, but she had fun so it was worth it!

She loved dropping the eggs into each color (a few times over!)!

Her finished product actually turned out really pretty!

She was so proud of herself!

After that it was time for a bath!

We had such a wonderful day!!

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  1. Such a sweet day, she is brave with the bunny! Waverly wouldn't even get near him!!