Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Little Miss Londyn Gracie Girl has been sleeping in her crib a lot lately and several nights has made it all the way through without waking! This is a huge deal for all of us as we have always co-slept. Lately she is going to sleep between 8:30-9:00 and sleeping until around 7:00 each morning! Her room is only a few feet from ours and we have an adjoining doorway so she's still very close, but being in her own bed is a big milestone for her! We've loved every minute of having her snuggled between us, but as August is quickly approaching I know we don't have much time before another little joins the party!

Along with sleeping better, we are preparing to hit another big milestone! We are ready to tackle potty training! 

Monday, LG asked to sit on the potty twice, and while she didn't go, I was excited that she was showing interest! I had planned to start training this month so that we have a few months to work at it before Liam is born, but I was nervous as to how she would respond! 

I grabbed a nine dollar cushioned potty seat at Wal*Mart since she doesn't seem to like the feel of the handmade super cute wooden potty chair my grandmother bought for her. I guess comfort is a priority for this girl!

Yesterday after breakfast, she was showing signs of going so I quickly sat her on the new seat with her It's Potty Time book that my mom found at TJMaxx several months ago. 

She loved that there is a ducky in her book and duckies on her new seat! 

How precious are those little feet crossed like that?! 

Can we stop for a second and talk about the bathroom?! Circa 1970's mustard yellow!! Floral linoleum on the walls, matching mustard tile and toilet! Well the toilet did match until the toilet seat cracked and we had to replace it! Let's just say that mustard yellow is no longer in production so standard white it is! It's the only room in our house that hasn't been updated and we actually don't use it very often since it's an extra bathroom just off the laundry room, but it's just more convenient to have her go in there so we are not making the trip up and down the stairs a million times a day! 

She was so proud of herself when she went in the potty! Mama was pretty proud, too!

I'm sure she will kill me for snapping (and sharing!) these pictures when she's grown, but I just couldn't help myself!

How did you ladies tackle potty training? Any tips or suggestions?!


  1. Way to go Londyn Grace! Keep up the good work! And those little crossed feet are just adorable!

  2. Her potty training pictures are too adorable!!! For Aislynn's rash we used triple antibiotic ointment, max. strength desitin and vaseline on top. I also cut out fruits and anything acidic to keep any flare ups down and to try and stop her up a little!

  3. OH my word! Girl don't put those kiddos in your bed!!!! :):)