Sunday, July 29, 2012

Twenty Eight Weeks!!!

How far along: 28 weeks! Hello Third Trimester! :)

Size of baby: Our sweet girl is the size of an eggplant! She is growing, growing, growing these days, gaining weight and preparing to meet us in just 12 weeks!

Maternity clothes: My sweet hubby took me to the mall for dinner, ice cream and a new skirt on Friday night! Hence the new skirt in today’s picture!
Gender: it’s a girl!!!!! ... Londyn Grace
Movement: I’m loving her movement more and more! We were at a conference this week, and I think she liked the choir because she would start moving every time they sang!
Sleep: The body pillow is still helping, only getting up once or twice to use the bathroom.
What I miss: Nothing this week, really focusing on enjoying this last trimester!
Cravings: ice cream! 
Symptoms: lots of heartburn, but other than that still doing really well!
Best Moment(s) this Week: 
* Making it to the third trimester! I can’t believe how close we are to her arrival! I am praising God for a healthy 28 weeks and asking Him for His blessing on the next 12! 
* Attending the conference and gleaning wisdom from the speakers! I went to several sessions on balancing family and ministry and training children. The Lord really used the daily sessions and the preaching each night to challenge and help me!
* Finding the paint for Londyn’s nursery in the Oops section at Home Depot! It’s the exact pink I was wanting, and it was only seven bucks (Behr paint and primer in one, originally $30 a gallon!)! Her Daddy is planning to start painting this week.
* Hearing her Daddy talk to her still gets me every time!
The week ahead:
My precious grandfather is nearing the end of his race. He has battled dementia for the last few years, and it looks like his mansion’s almost ready. We will head to Maryland tomorrow after church. I am praying for the opportunity to see him one more time this side of Heaven, but either way I’m so grateful for the Hope we have in Jesus assuring us that we’ll meet again in Heaven someday! We will have to return to Jersey on Monday night, for my glucose test on Tuesday morning. I am praying all will be well with the results.


  1. Yay for 28 weeks! You look so cute ;)
    I'll be praying for your Grandfather, your family and you during this difficult time. Fingers crossed for the glucose test, but I know you'll do just fine! Have a great week.

  2. Thanks so much, Elenie. Looking forward to seeing Cooper's nursery pics!

  3. Linked to your blog from Elenie's! LOVE finding mommy blogs... you look great girl!

  4. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Talk to your doctor about meds for heartburn. I suffered with Caroline, but not this time. According to my midwife and doctor there are a lot of safe for pregnancy options! Glad the body pillow is helping!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! It's hard but he's suffered so long and is ready to go. Is your due date coming soon?