Sunday, July 15, 2012

Twenty Six Weeks...

Size of baby: Our baby girl is the size of a rutabaga (not really sure I’ve ever seen one but that’s what my weekly email said so we’ll go with it!) I think she had a growth spurt last night because I could see my feet before I went to bed and today I only see belly when I look down! :) So grateful for a growing belly which means a growing baby!

Maternity clothes: My sweet Mama got me the dress I’m wearing in today’s picture! 
Gender: it’s a girl!!!!! ... Londyn Grace
Movement: She’s not really following the pattern of movement she had been for awhile. Now her movements are throughout the day!
Sleep: I’ve been waking up a lot more this week. Partially because I’m thinking about all that needs to be done before she comes and partially because it’s getting harder to find a comfortable position!
What I miss: Being able to bend down easily! 
Cravings: Nothing specific, but I have been starving this week! I feel like all I do is eat!
Symptoms: Still having frequent nose bleeds and have had some aches and pains on the sides of my belly. I guess it’s just from the growing/stretching. But overall I’m feeling great!
Best Moment(s) this Week: 
  • Finally finding some fabric I like for Londyn’s crib bedding! As soon as it comes we can go get the paint for her nursery! You can see a picture of the fabric via my pinterest account! Just click here!
  • Scoring the same rocking chair/ottoman that we saw at Babies R Us for $600 for $50! I really wanted one for nursing at night, but they were way out of our price range. I was looking on Craigslist  this week and found one listed for $60 or best offer. After emailing with the lady that owned it, we were able to go look at it on Friday night! I made an offer and she took $5o for it! It is SO comfortable and I love the sage green color! It will pair well with the sage green of the leaves in the floral pattern of the fabric we bought! The Lord is always providing! I hardly ever check Craigslist and she said she had just listed it shortly before I emailed! The timing was perfect! He is SO good!

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