Sunday, July 22, 2012

Twenty Seven Weeks...

How far along: 27 weeks!

Size of baby: I had my weekly emails confused last week so this is the week that she is the size of a rutabaga. Last week, she was the size of a head of lettuce.

Maternity clothes: I’m wearing my last Cato purchase in today’s picture. 
Gender: it’s a girl!!!!! ... Londyn Grace
Movement: She is busy throughout the day! I treasure every time I feel her move!
Sleep: I’ve slept better this week thanks to my new body pillow! It has helped in finding a comfortable position!
What I miss: Being able to bend down easily and lift things! There’s so much I want to get done around the house and in her nursery during the day while Daniel’s at the church but now I can’t do it alone!
Cravings: Chocolate, but that’s common when I’m not pregnant!
Symptoms: The frequent nose bleeds and the side pains have both lessened this week. I’m feeling really good!
Best Moment(s) this Week: 
* My visit with the midwife this past Tuesday! We got to hear our sweet girl’s heartbeat again! It is still strong and healthy! My blood pressure and measurements are also right on track! We continue to praise the Lord for a healthy baby and pregnancy thus far!

*My parents’ surprise visit on Thursday afternoon! I was in the kitchen getting ready to make lunch when there was a knock at the door. Daniel told me to get it (he knew they were coming), and when I did there stood my Mama and Daddy! They ended up taking me out to lunch and spending the afternoon here in Jersey before heading back to Maryland.

*Only paying $25 for a dresser and nightstand for Londyn’s nursery! We originally thought that each piece was $25, but then found out the price was for both! I plan to use the dresser as the changing table as well. I will post a picture of them soon! They are in great condition, and I can’t wait to see how they look in the completed nursery! The Lord is continually providing for us! 

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