Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twenty Weeks...We're halfway there!

How far along: 20 weeks 

Size of baby: Our sweet babe is the size of a banana!

Total weight gain/loss: Lost a little from being sick last week.

Maternity clothes: Finding that even some of my maternity clothes are  getting a little snug, but that means baby's growing!

Gender: I had a dream that it was a boy! Daniel's still thinking girl!

Movement: Moving A LOT especially in the evenings.

Sleep: Sleep has been SO much better this week. I am so grateful!

What I miss: Other than my energy nothing at all! What an amazing blessing to be carrying this baby!

Cravings: No specific cravings this week. I'm finding that I'm not eating as much at mealtimes, but still constantly snacking. My midwife recommended six small meals versus three large ones.

Symptoms: Thank the Lord the back pain is gone! I get very tired easily.  I usually do one chore then have to take a break.

Best Moment this Week: Getting closer to my ultrasound, reaching the halfway point of this pregnancy and having our tent meeting at church! My family came for Sunday's service and we were able to sing together for the first time in awhile! The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather and challenging messages from God's Word! 

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