Sunday, June 17, 2012

Twenty Two Weeks...

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: Our sweet babe is getting close to one pound! She’s the size of a papaya!

Total weight gain/loss: I’m finding that I bump into things with my belly if I’m not careful! 

Maternity clothes: My choices are getting fewer when it comes to finding something to wear!

Gender: it’s a girl!!!!! ... Londyn  Grace
Movement: I’ve been feeling her movements more each evening, but every time her Daddy tries to feel it she stops! One night she moved so strongly that you could actually see my belly move! It is one of the most amazing feelings in the world!
Sleep: I've been sleeping well, but the crazy dreams have returned!
What I miss: Other than my energy and sleeping on my back nothing at all! 
Cravings: I’m back to enjoying chocolate again. I knew that the fruit thing wouldn’t last forever! :) My sister brought me a bag of Cadbury mini eggs she got for me several weeks ago, and I’ve been snacking on them all week!
Symptoms: Still feeling really good, with the exception of a little bit of acid reflux at night! I’ve also been a little more tired lately. I’m praising God for a healthy pregnancy so far.
Best Moment this Week: There were SO many!
*Getting to find out that our little girl is on her way and sharing that moment with our precious family and friends at the party.
*Announcing her name! 
*Starting Londyn’s registry!
* Hearing her Daddy talk to her! It almost brings me to tears every single time!
*Realizing I now have fewer weeks left in this pregnancy than I’ve already finished! I love being pregnant, but can’t wait to meet our daughter!

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