Thursday, January 30, 2014

ten weeks with baby number two

{Since I last blogged, we've spent most of our time in Maryland preparing to and saying goodbye (for now!) to my sweet Mamal. I've posted about her getting sick back before Thanksgiving and how it seemed like Heaven would soon be a reality for her. Last Wednesday night, my Daddy came and picked up LG and I so we could spend Mamal's final days with her. We were with her Thursday and Friday before she passed away on Friday afternoon. I have some sweet pictures and memories that will need a separate post, but I wanted to get this update blogged since I missed my nine week update last week!}

I am 10 weeks and 3 days along with sweet baby number two!

Size of baby:  Baby number two is  a little over an inch long and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce yet has completed the most critical portion of development!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:   I need to get on the scale today and find out! 

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet, but my button up skirts are getting a little snug and harder to button.

Gender:  Daddy is still thinking girl, but we still haven't nailed down our choice for a girl's name. Our boy's name has been chosen!

Movement:  still busy growing, no moving yet.

Sleep:  Okay, mostly only awake if LG wakes.

What I miss:  Nothing! Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing!

Cravings: Still mostly salty and surprisingly enjoying soda which is definitely unlike me since I'm mostly a water drinker!

Feeling nauseous most of the time. Eating seems to help.

Best Moment this week: I had my ten week appointment yesterday and we heard that precious little heartbeat for the first time! My midwife found it quickly and it was loud and strong!

Scheduling my ultrasound for this coming Monday morning! We are so looking forward to a peek at our newest little one!

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  1. I loved hearing my babies heartbeats! Always such a smiley time. Congratulations on your new blessing!! And I'm so sorry about your Mamal. Heaven is truly sounding sweeter all the time, isn't it?