Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'll Be Home for Christmas...

Since we planned to spend Christmas in Maryland and Pennsylvania with our families, we had Christmas for the three of us on Monday before we left town.

Sunday night after we got home from church, we got LG dressed in her brand new pajamas and gave her a Christmas book to "read!"

I ordered the precious Christmas light pajama pants from my beloved Sugarpig Boutique on Instagram and had her shirt monogramed by an embroiderer in town.

We found the book "Santa is Coming to New Jersey" at Costco! It is the cutest personalized with the names of New Jersey towns and places!

After reading her book, I rocked her to sleep and came back downstairs to help Daddy put together her Cozy Coupe and to finish a little wrapping.

Do you have any idea how complex this crazy car was to put together? It took over two hours and lots of noisy hammering to get it ready for riding!

I had to rock LG back to sleep twice because of the racket, but her reaction when we came down the next morning was worth it all!

I could barely sleep when we finally slipped into bed because I was so looking forward to seeing how she would react to her gifts!

She did not disappoint! 

She was pointing and smiling before we even got around the corner!

To say she loved her car is an understatement!

The little trailer gets me every time! How precious will it be this spring filled with toys as she rides around the back yard?!

The Cozy Coupe was her main gift, but we also got her a few other toys, a puzzle, book, and some clothes and shoes.

The car wins as her favorite present though!

She loved her stocking stuffers, too. Her favorite was definitely the yogurt melts. I think she ate half the bag while Daniel and I opened our gifts to each other!

After we opened gifts, we made eggs and bacon for breakfast!

It was the perfect Christmas morning, just a few days early!

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