Friday, October 11, 2013

The Friday Five!

Happy Friday, friends!! Here on the East Coast, we started this week with gorgeous weather, but it's rained the last few days. How was your week?!

I'm summing up our week by joining in the Friday Five, again!

1.) {Home!} Even though we had just been in Maryland for LG's party, Auntie M wanted us to ride back with her on Friday so that's what we did! On the trip back, we stopped at a creamery and had ice cream for dinner! I had pumpkin so that counts as a fruit, right?!  We stayed Friday night and Saturday before heading back to Jersey Saturday night. It was a short but sweet time with family!

2.) {The Park} Before the rain came, we spent an afternoon at our favorite place! We are going to be so sad when the colder temperatures keep us from swinging and playing at the park!

3.) {Pumpkin} Joy mentioned not being a fan of the fall flavor in a recent post. I'm picky about lots of things and have pretty limited tastes, but I love pumpkin! I made these last night, and we won't discuss how many I've eaten! They were SO easy and are SO yummy!
4.) {Teething} LG is working on tooth number five and it is not being kind to us! She's even running a fever cutting this one which she hasn't done with the first four. I hate seeing her hurting! We've done lots of rocking and nursing! The only thing that seems to help. She hasn't smiled much, but I was able to get this sweet picture this afternoon!

5.) {Apple Picking & the Pumpkin Patch} If the weather holds out, we have plans to go with a few families from our church tomorrow!! I'm so excited for Lovey Lou to pick out her first pumpkin!

Hope you all had a great week and have a restful weekend! Head on over to The Sowell Life to link up!

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