Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friday Five {birthday edition}

Londyn Grace turned one on Thursday and although we had already done a lot of celebrating, with her big party in Maryland last weekend, we made the entire day a celebration!! 

1. {Balloons} Before I finally went to bed at 2:30 Thursday morning, I blew up twelve balloons and filled LG's crib with them! When she awoke, I sang "Happy Birthday to You" as she grinned sleepily and then took her into her nursery to see her surprise! She loved it!

2. {Donuts} Daddy got up early and made a Dunkin run before she woke up. After playing with her balloons, we went downstairs and she was surprised with a pink donut for breakfast! She ate a few bites of mainly strawberry icing, but mostly played with it!

3. {Pictures in the Park} After breakfast, I dressed LG in her birthday smocking and we headed over to the church so Daddy could blow up the big balloon I bought a few weeks ago to use for birthday pictures! Then we went to our favorite park to take a few pictures of our one year old!!

She loved watching all the people, waving and smiling as they passed! She was especially interested in the dogs being walked! A lot of the smiles I caught were thanks to Luke, a sweet German shepherd, whose owner stopped to say hello!

After pictures, Goosey had a blast on the swings. The sweet smiles I caught are priceless!

4.} {Cake} I mentioned earlier that I was up until 2:30 Thursday morning! Well, the cake I made was the main reason I was up so late! It was the first time I have ever worked with fondant, but overall I was happy with the result! I plan to make baking her cake a yearly tradition!

5. {Auntie M} My sweet sister drove four hours after an 8 hour shift to be at LG's little party last night! She spent the night and we enjoyed her company on Friday as well! We went back to the park for more fun! Living far away makes the time we do get to spend together even sweeter!

We had a such a fun week celebrating our big one year old! How was your week? Head on over to The Sowell Life and link up!

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