Monday, October 14, 2013

Apple Picking!

Last Saturday, a group from our church took a little trip to the Orchard! After raining most of the week, we weren't sure we would get to go, but it turned out to be a gorgeous Autumn afternoon perfect for apple picking!

LG wasn't feeling one hundred percent after a rough night of teething, but she napped on the drive out and woke up ready to enjoy her first trip to the orchard.

She wasn't quite sure what to think of the hayride, but once she found a tiny little apple to munch on she had a ball!

Goosey helped Daddy pick some off of the trees while Mama snapped pictures!

We ended up with around 8 pounds of apples, but at only $1.50 a pound you really couldn't beat the price!

They had so many different kinds to choose from! From your typical Red Delicious to Gala, Honeycrisp (which we decided were our favorite!) and even a few I'd never heard of, it was an apple lovers dream come true!

After picking a basket full, we rode the haywagon back to the barn to pay for our apples and purchase some cider!

Londyn Grace was a HUGE fan of the cider! Can you blame her?! I love that stuff!

We had packed our lunches so we ate them in the grassy area next to the barn and enjoyed the fellowship with our church family!

All of the apple picking wore her out though and no sooner did we put her in the carseat, she was out! She slept the whole way home!

So far I've made apple crisp with some of the apples and have plans to make applesauce tomorrow!

Do you have a favorite apple recipe?! I'd love for you to share!


  1. Too cute. LG looks like she liked helping daddy pick apples.

  2. So fun!! One day I want to visit an apple orchard! Honey Crisps are my favorite too!
    Her dress is gorgeous! I love it!!