Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thirty Five Weeks...

How far along: 35 weeks!

(We decided to do this week's picture in her nursery since it was super sunny on the porch this morning!)

Size of baby: Londyn Grace is the size of a honeydew! 

Maternity clothes: Since it cooled off a bit this week, I pulled out my fall clothes today! My sweater is not maternity, but my skirt and tank are!

Gender: it’s a girl!!!!! ... Londyn Grace

Movement: We’ve got a busy girl on our hands!

Sleep: Once I finally fall asleep, I’ve been sleeping well. I just lay there for awhile thinking about her and wondering when she’s going to arrive!

What I miss: Nothing! Savoring every little kick and movement, knowing I only have a few more weeks until I won’t be feeling them anymore! 

Cravings: Anything sweet!

Symptoms: Not as much heartburn this week, probably because I’ve been watching what I eat a little better. I also think she’s dropped! Earlier this week her little foot was up under my ribs, and now it’s much lower. Several people at church today commented on how much lower I’m carrying!

Best Moment this Week: Buying her carseat and stroller on Monday and watching Daniel put them together! He’s such a good Daddy and already loves his little girl so much!


  1. it's crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone! can't believe she'll be here in a few weeks and you'll have a one year old!

  2. So excited for you! She's going to be here so soon; glad you are savoring every moment of pregnancy. I'm always a little sad to not be pregnant anymore! haha

    1. thanks, Lisa! I feel like these last few weeks are going to go by really slow! I'm getting so anxious to meet her! How's your little one?

    2. Four weeks left! I promise later it will seem fast. Once you have them they start growing up :( haha And Kevin's doing fantastic! He's such a good baby and Micah loves him. It's so cute!

  3. Sara!!!!! congrats! I haven't seen you in forever but you look amazing! Londyn Grace is an awesome name as well! :) Hope you are doing well!