Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thirty Weeks...

How far along: 30 weeks!

Size of baby: Our sweet girl is the size of a cucumber. 

Maternity clothes: Even some of my maternity clothes are getting a little snug when stretched over my growing belly! Hopefully they'll last another 10 weeks!

Gender: it’s a girl!!!!! ... Londyn Grace

Movement: She had hiccups for the first time this week! It was so precious! I could feel them from the inside, but they weren’t strong enough for Daniel to feel from the outside. She’s had them twice since last Sunday night when I felt them initially. I asked my midwife about them and she said they’re actually a sign of good neurological development and of her preparing to breathe outside the womb. 

Her movements are so strong now! I tell Daniel she must have her Daddy’s elbows because she’s always jabbing me! :) (I’m feeling her as I type this!)

Sleep: Still sleeping well!

What I miss: My sweet grandfather who went Home to be with Jesus this week.  We went to Maryland after VBS Wednesday night for his memorial service on Thursday. I miss him so, but rejoice that he is free from the pain and suffering he dealt with for many years.

Cravings: Not feeling as hungry as I have been. 

Symptoms: Still having heartburn at night, but other than that I’m feeling great!

Best Moment(s) this Week: 

* Hearing her heartbeat at my appointment on Monday!!! It never gets old!!!

* Finding out that I passed my glucose test and that my other bloodwork was normal! 

* My grandmother and my sister feeling Londyn move on Thursday!

* Going through a tote that my Mama had saved from when I was a baby and finding several things I want to use/display in Londyn’s nursery!

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