Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thirty Two Weeks...

Size of baby: Our baby girl is the size of a squash!

Maternity clothes: My sweet Mama bought me today’s dress a few months ago. I had planned to wear it for our maternity pictures, but since we’re doing them in September, I wanted something not as summery so I wore it for church today!

Gender: it’s a girl!!!!! ... Londyn Grace

Movement: Because she’s getting bigger, she’s moving less, but when she does her movements are strong! She's been pretty busy today though! :)

Sleep: Had a few nights this week where I was awake a lot, mostly just because I was thinking about everything that needs to be done, labor, delivery, etc., etc., etc. 

What I miss: Nothing, just enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy. It really has flown by! I can’t believe she’s almost here!

Cravings: Nothing specific, but kinda having an aversion to raw chicken which is weird because I haven’t been like that at all this pregnancy! For some reason it's just seemed gross lately!

Symptoms: The heartburn has been less this week :) but my feet have been a bit swollen. Overall though, I’m still feeling really good!

Best Moment(s) this Week: 
  • Our appointment with our midwife! Everything is still looking good! Londyn’s heartbeat is strong and  I’m measuring right where I should be! My blood pressure is still good, too!
  • Having our first birthing class. It was really informative! We are glad we opted for a private class here at home. We both felt like it was helpful and is going to prepare us well for the big day! We have another session this coming Thursday night.
  • Finishing the lamp shade and the letters for her name. I am dying to get this nursery finished!
  • We are praising the Lord for the His protection. Last night, Daniel and I were driving home late in our church’s 15 passenger van. We had taken our teens to a Back to School Rally and had just finished dropping the last one off at his house when a drunk driver pulled out in front of us. We didn’t have time enough time to stop before we collided with his car. His car was pretty smashed up, but he fled the scene anyway. Thankfully, a man behind us got his tag number and because we were in a larger vehicle, we didn’t feel much of the impact. I was shaken and scared for Londyn’s safety. The policeman was wonderful and had the EMT’s come to check me just for my peace of mind. They assured me everything was fine. My blood pressure was good, and I was feeling her movements so that made me feel better! We know it could’ve been much worse and feel extremely blessed that all 3 of us came out of it unharmed!


  1. Praising the Lord for your protection! I'm sure that was a scary moment.
    And I LOVE all of your cute maternity clothes!

    1. It was, but God is good! Thank you for your sweet comment about my clothes! :) Your blog is a great encouragement to me! :)