Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fourteen Weeks

How Far Along: 14 Weeks

Size of baby: Our precious little one is the size of a lemon! 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Others are starting to notice my belly so I guess I'm gaining!

Maternity Clothes: I've enjoyed wearing the new clothes my sweet parents and grandmother gave me this week! They've been a nice change from my regular wardrobe. I'm loving the black dress I'm wearing in today's picture! It is so comfortable and versatile! I can dress it up for church or down for running errands during the week.

Gender: Ordered our Gender Reveal invitations and they should be in this week!

Movement: Moving a lot on the ultrasound screen, but I can't feel it yet!
Sleep: Only getting up once a night
What I miss: Nothing really other than sleeping on my back.
Cravings: Anything fruity! It seems I'm always hungry!

Symptoms: Still feeling really good! So thankful!

Best Moment this week: I have an appointment with my midwife Tuesday that I'm looking forward to.

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