Thursday, May 8, 2014

Londyn Grace is 19 Months old!

Our last month in the teens. Time is seriously flying!

Londyn Grace turned 19 months old this past Saturday!

She is becoming such a big girl! Weighing in at 22 pounds and measuring 31.5 inches tall, she is mostly wearing 18 month clothing! She still fits in most of her 12 month stuff and 9 month onesies still snap, but 18 months fit best. She's kind of in between shoe sizes which is making shoe shopping difficult. Her 4s are a little snug, but 5s are still too big.

She had her 18 month appointment a few weeks ago and the doctor was pleased even surprised at how well she is doing especially verbally and socially! He said that the way she interacted with him was more like an almost 3 year old than an almost 2 year old and he was impressed by her language skills.

This month she has added lots of words to her vocabulary!  So many that it's hard to keep up! Some of the new additions include:

Daddy (instead of Dada)
Ride (for her Cozy Coupe or a silly song about a car on YouTube)
Ba-ba (any cup or bottle...not sure where that came from since she never took a bottle?)
Thank You
You can see the lists from the last two months here. She's saying over 60 words now!

One of her biggest accomplishments this month was moving to a big girl bed! She absolutely loves it and even slept through the night in it the first night! She loves to sit on her bed and look at books with her babies!

Since the switch, if she does wake up, her Daddy just goes in tucks her in again and tells her to go back to sleep, and she does! She's been going to bed between 8:30 -9:00 and waking between 6:00 - 7:00. She's taking one good nap a day that typically lasts around two hours.

At the beginning of last month, I mentioned how she was showing interest in the potty. She did well for a few days and since has started fussing and crying when I sit her on it. Hopefully, we can tackle it in force force this month. I'd really like her to be trained by the time Liam arrives!

As far as eating goes, we've seemed to regress a bit this month. Breakfast is still her best meal. Her go-to favorites include pancakes, oatmeal and yogurt. She usually has yogurt with either the pancakes or oatmeal. Lunch has been a real challenge lately. She only takes a few bites of whatever is on her plate and then doesn't want anymore and is now doing the same with dinner, but she's gaining weight and growing so that makes me feel a little better! She loves apple and orange juice! For snacks for likes Cheerios, fruit snacks,  granola bars, applesauce and goldfish. She's still nursing to sleep at naptime and bedtime.

She's been working on her bottom canine teeth for what seems like ages and we can finally see them getting ready to break through! That had made for some fussy days, but overall is she still our happy, social, sweet Goosey!

She absolutely LOVES to sing! She knows the motions and some of the words to The Wheels on the Bus, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Running Over, Deep and Wide and This Little Light of Mine. Her favorite parts of The Wheels on the Bus are "swish! swish! swish!" and "wah! wah! wah!" Though still not a fan of watching tv, she loves to watch songs on YouTube. She often makes up her own songs! It is so precious!

She's really taken an interest in books this month and thinks that every letter of the alphabet is a "y!" She still loves to play with her kitchen. She discovered the fun that is watching mama blow bubbles and is finally getting to enjoy being outside since it's warming up and staying light out longer! She experienced sidewalk chalk for the first time and loves to draw with it.
her reaction to mama blowing bubbles! :)

I'm so looking forward to this month and getting to spend more time in the sunshine!

Londyn Grace is such a big helper! She loves to throw trash away, help me put dirty clothes in the laundry, and is pretty good about putting her toys away when I ask her to!

She's still very attached to Mama, but has fun staying at home with Daddy on Tuesday nights when I go to Bible Study. She does cry when I leave since its the only hour and a half we are apart all week, but it doesn't take her long to calm down and play.

I've kept the list of new things she does and says going so here it is for this month:

April 5 - you took Auntie M's clip and started hiding it from her behind your back and laughing

April 8 - I was preparing for a vintage sale and you were being such a big helper! I asked you to bring me a blanket, a box and the tape measure and you did!

You slept through the night in your crib two nights in a row!

April 10 - you were in your carseat singing and I could make out "mine" and "no" and realized you were singing this little light of mine all on your own!

Daddy put you in your crib awake without rocking and you fell asleep on your own.

April 11 - you were a big hit at Great Aunt Nadine's nursing home! You were so friendly!

April 14 - you asked to sit on the potty twice!

You sang and did the motions to "Deep & Wide" for auntie on FaceTime

April 15 - you went poo poo in the potty twice

April 16 - you picked up my laptop cord and wanted me to plug it in!

April 19 - you went to your first Easter egg hunt and loved meeting the Easter bunny!

April 23 - we were getting ready to leave for the store so I asked you to go find your shoes while I brushed my teeth. When I came out of the bathroom, I thought you'd still be in your room looking for them, but you were halfway down the stairs, shoes in hand!

April 24 - You said "flowers!" as soon as we came out on the porch and you saw mamas new hanging basket!

April 25 - We went to Hershey's chocolate world with Grammy, Grandpap, Uncle Ben, Uncle Matt, Aunt Rebekah & baby Sonya. You loved every minute! The chocolate ride (and free sample at the end), the 4-D show, making your own chocolate bar with Grammy and Grandpap, but your favorite was throwing pennies into the waterfall in the food court!

April 26 - you were playing with your Easter eggs when Daddy noticed you using a small basket to pick them up and put them into your bucket

April 27 - you said thank you on your own after I gave you animal crackers

April 29 - you sat on the counter while I chopped veggies for chicken noodle soup and "helped!"'

You puckered up and kissed Daddy back when he kissed you from across the room

You learned the motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider!"

April 30 - you were so so excited about your new big girl bed while mommy was painting it!

May 1 - You couldn't quite figure out what we were doing when we started taking your room apart to get the new nursery ready, but when we put your bed together, you loved it! Kept climbing in and out and laughing and smiling, you laid down and snuggled it it! I was nervous about how you would do, but you slept ALL night in it!!

May 2nd - you helped Pop Pop paint the new chalkboard wall in your new room!

This month was full of lots of big girl things like going on the potty and sleeping in her big girl bed, but I love that at the end of the day she still cuddles in my arms and wants me to rock her to sleep. She will always be my baby!

I'm so thankful for the last 19 months with my sweet Lovey Lou!


  1. So sweet!!!! Love that our girls are so close in age :)

  2. She is to cute for words. Kendall is showing more interest in the potty and we just got her a potty chair. I can't believe she's sleeping in a big bed, I can't imagine putting Kendall in one yet. I don't think she would stay