Sunday, May 11, 2014

23 and 24 weeks with Liam Daniel

Looks like these bumpdates are becoming a biweekly thing! Tomorrow marks 25 weeks along with our baby boy! Even though I've yet to hold him in my arms, I feel so blessed to be his mama! I can already tell that his temperament is much different than his big sister's, and I'm excited to see what he will add to our family in just a few months.

So here's the info for the last two weeks, but minus my weekly chalkboard pictures. Last week, my camera was having issues focusing and all the pictures I would take turned out blurry. Thankfully, it seemed that it was only an issue with my lens and not my camera itself, so I've been using my zoom lens instead and it has been working fine.

I was planning to take my 24 week picture today, but I've had yet another and seemingly more permanent camera problem. This afternoon I discovered that Londyn Grace's sippy cup of orange juice had leaked out in the diaper bag and all over my camera. My heart sank, but I hoped it would flash on as I flipped the switch. Nope. No such luck. Daniel has tried pretty much everything and it doesn't seem to be coming back to life. I've had it for nearly 6 years and it has taken literally thousands of pictures, but unfortunately it doesn't seem that it will be taking any more.

Ugh. Anyway...

23 and 24 weeks with Liam...

Size of Baby:  Our little man is about the size of an ear of corn. I feel like I'm as big now as I was with LG at much farther along, but I guess that's common with second pregnancies! 

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I should weigh in, but just haven' t had an extra second to get on the scale! :)

Maternity Clothes: Loving and living in maxi skirts! I do need to get a few tanks that are a little longer so they'll do a better job of covering the belly!

not a side view, but the last picture taken before the orange juice incident!
24 weeks 6 days with Liam Daniel!
Gender:  It's a BOY!! Our sweet Liam Daniel :)

Movement: Finally moving a bit more than he was! 

Sleep:  Sleeping pretty well. Usually have heartburn as soon as I lay down, but a few tums do the trick!

What I miss:  Nothing! Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing!

Cravings: Sweets, but really trying to do better than I did when I was pregnant with LG. 

Symptoms: The nosebleeds have lessened, but the heartburn is still a nightly occurrence. Overall feeling really well and really thankful!

Best moment this week:  Decorating the nursery and seeing his crib set up and ready for his arrival. It seemed to make it a little more real! :)

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