Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OH Christmas Tree!

{Since Christmas is just 8 days away, I thought I'd better get our trip to the tree farm blogged!}

The Monday after Thanksgiving we bundled up and drove about 45 minutes over to Sussex County, which is much more country than were we live, to pick out our Christmas tree!

It was the perfect day because the temperatures were in the mid-40s and that's pretty warm for
December on the East Coast. It was so "warm" we only needed long-sleeves and got to leave our big heavy winter coats at home.  I did dress LG in a few layers and a pretty thick corduroy dress with tights and boots so she wouldn't be chilly. She also wore an adorable ear warmer I picked up for two bucks a few weeks prior! Daddy said the cuteness factor was increased by a hundred when we put it on her! She looked so precious for our outing!

We got to the farm and it was pretty quiet since it was a weekday. There were only a handful of families also browsing for their perfect tree and the farm was huge so we were pretty much to ourselves in the area we picked to looked.

Last year, Londyn Grace was only two months old. We were still getting adjusted to her schedule so we got our tree already cut from a local nursery. This was our first time to Wyckoff Farms and it did not disappoint!

All of their trees were gorgeous! It was hard to pick just one!

Lovey Lou had a blast toddling around and pointing to all the trees!

This farm actually supplied the tree for the Blue Room at the White House this year! The governor of New Jersey also got his tree here!

We narrowed it down to a couple different ones before we finally decided on our tree!

We found the perfect one so Daddy cut it down for us!

Just as he finished, she gave him a huge unprompted hug! It was the sweetest thing! I guess she approved of our choice!

We tagged our tree and then went back to the main office to let them know that we had made our choice!

LG ran around while we waited for them to get it ready for us.

 A sweet lady offered to take our family picture!

Then we paid for our tree (which was much cheaper than last year's nursery purchase!), loaded it in the van and buckled Londyn Grace into her carseat for the ride back to Caldwell.

When we got home, we put on her first pair of Christmas pajamas and she helped Daddy string the lights!

It was the best day making Christmas memories with our little family of three!


  1. She looks adorable!!!! SO much fun!


  2. I love her outfit and she always looks so happy!