Friday, December 6, 2013

LG is 14 months old...

LG turned 14 months on Tuesday. I am still trying to figure out how time is passing so quickly and how exactly I can make it slow down!

This girl or "crazy woman" as I affectionately call her is my joy and my best buddy. It's been so neat as we've watched her grow and develop this month.

Her vocabulary is still pretty limited, but I am amazed at how well she does at expressing what she wants and also at how much she comprehends.

She is still tiny weighing in at 19 pounds 13 ounces last week. I haven't measured her height lately, but I've noticed that she seems to be getting taller. She is wearing 12 month clothes. She has 6 teeth (3 top, 3 bottom) and number seven is there but hasn't quite popped through yet.

She is still nursing and those times are still such precious moments when we pause to spend a few minutes of quiet together aside from the busyness of the day. I always want to remember how she puts her hand to my mouth for a kiss while she nurses. She'll do it over and over again wanting me to kiss it and say "mwah, mwah" and then she'll giggle so sweetly! (Next week, Daniel and I are going away overnight for our anniversary and it will be the first time in 14 months that we go more than 4 hours without nursing. I don't know who will struggle with it more, Londyn Grace or mama!)

As for eating, it's gotten better, but still isn't great ever since she kind of took a turn toward picky-ness last month. She does enjoy applesauce, yogurt, and goldfish crackers for snacks. This month she has finally mastered the sippy cup and loves to drink water from it. No matter what she's eating, she loves to share her food with anyone who will take a bite!

We are pretty much the same in the sleep department, still not sleeping through the night. I don't really mind because it just means extra snuggles and extra cuddles with a baby that will be a big girl before I know it. I'll take the midnight rockings while I can! She is napping well though! Most days she sleeps for 1.5 to 2 hours in the middle of the day. She did take her first ever 3 hour nap this month! Depending on the day, she may take a shorter early evening nap especially if we're driving and she falls asleep in the carseat.

She loves to sing especially in church. It is pretty much the most precious thing ever!

Goosey is such a busy girl. She never (and I mean never unless she's sleeping) stops. She doesn't stay in one place or play with one toy for very long, but this month has brought a new found interest in books. Her favorite is a board book with baby pictures in it. She now brings us books wanting us to read them to her. She understands what we mean when we say "Show that to me." or "Bring that to me."

She can identify her nose, eyes, hair, mouth and belly! She loves to be tickled or for me to smell her "stinky feet!"

She is helping now when she gets dressed and puts her arms through when I'm putting her shirts on. She has almost mastered how to take her coat off and know that her shoes go on her feet.

She loves to FaceTime with our family back home and gets so excited about it! I am so thankful for technology! 

This month she has started obeying simple commands which is so encouraging. Consistency in teaching and training is so important. We are learning how to clean up her toys and she enjoys putting toys back into bins and baskets.

I already mentioned how much she is comprehending and this list I've continued to keep on my phone's notepad of all the little things she does and learns from day to day attests to that. I love having it to look back on and wish I would've started doing it months ago.

11/9 Put baby in stroller by yourself and then when I asked you to do it again you did.

11/11 Picked up my earring and put it to my ear!

11/12 woke up from your nap with your finger up wanting to sing this little light of mine!

11/13 took a drink from Auntie M's cup and said Ahh!

11/14 woke up waving your finger for this little light of mine

11/14 Pop Pop squatted down to be at eye level with you and put his hands on his thighs and you copied him

11/14 nodded your head yes!

11/15 said "Pop Pop!

11/17 blew kisses when we said love you on FaceTime without being asked

11/18 said "ball" three times copying me

Walked over the ledge between the kitchen and living room without falling by holding onto the wall

I asked if you wanted milk and you nodded your head yes!

Took Daddy's games and put them away when I asked you to!

Copied me by talking into the paper towel roll

11/19 You were sitting in a chair at church and I asked you if you wanted to get down and you said "down!"

11/21 you heard the church bell ringing while playing in your room and stopped to listen

Heard the neighbor's dog barking and climbed in my lap a little scared

11/22 your flower fell out of your hair while walking through Costco and Daddy and I didn't notice so you yelled and pointed back to it!

11/23 heard sirens outside while nursing and laid really still with your eyes really wide listening  until they stopped

Brought me a book and wanted me to read it to you! Then when I pointed to Sophie's eye and said "there's Sophie's eye!" You pointed to your eye then to mine!

11/24 took a 3 hour nap!!!

11/30 opened the cabinet door and I asked you to close it and you did and walked over to me!

copied me after I sneezed!

12/1 "sang" at the nursing home!

12/2 found a water bottle cap on the floor and then pointed to the bottle on the table wanting to put it on.

This month we celebrated LG's second Thanksgiving and she loved the German potato salad and pickled red cabbage that Oma made.

We also went to the tree farm and picked out our Christmas tree earlier this week! It's amazing that last year she was a sleeping newborn in her carrier and this year she was running around enjoying herself! Yesterday, she pointed to the tree and said "tree!" She has done really well with it being up and doesn't really bother it.

November was a wonderful month, and we are so excited about celebrating Christmas all December long!


  1. What a teeny tiny little cutie pie! My daughter just turned 1 and is 22 lbs already!

  2. She is such a cutie. I love all these Christmas pictures of her