Monday, September 30, 2013

Londyn Grace's 1st Birthday Party

Londyn Grace turns ONE...

in just three days!! So of course, we had to celebrate! We had her big party this past Friday night back home in Maryland, and it was pretty much perfect!

It was so special to share the celebration with our family and friends especially since we don’t see them nearly as often as we would like due to living over three hours away.

I spent months planning and preparing for the celebration and was so happy with how my vision came to life! We spent all day Friday transforming my parent’s church’s fellowship hall into a vintage space filled with buntings, burlap and floral decor! {I can’t thank my Mama and Daddy, my sister, cousin, and my sweet hubby for all of their help! I couldn’t have done it without them!}

Two months ago, I found a floral fabric with baby blue, light pink, magenta, robin’s egg blue, and sage green in it! I fell in love with the combination of colors and picked a coordinating sage green polka dot fabric as an accent. I also bought a few yards of fabric in solid colors. I wanted to pull out all of the gorgeous colors from the fabric. My Mom Mom (maternal grandmother) made LG a dress to wear for her one year portraits (portrait post coming soon!)  and to use as the basis for the party decor. I love the fact that she has this handmade dress to keep as a memory of her first birthday party!

I painted the antique highchair I mentioned in a previous post light pink and dry brushed it with white paint. It served as the perfect seat for Londyn Grace to dig right into her smash cake. Behind her highchair, we screwed four vintage shutters together and hung a burlap bunting with her name on it at the top.

Next to the highchair was the sage green chair she's sitting in in the one year portrait at the top of this post, that I just so happened to snag for free on the side of the road a few years ago, for opening presents in front of old barn doors topped with two more burlap banners.

One of my favorite details of the party was the wooden block guest book! Each guest was asked to sign a wooden block so that when Lovey Lou is playing with them for years to come she will always have a memory of who shared her special day with her! Reading some of the sweet little notes made me tear up!

I used vintage windows we used for the seating chart at our wedding to display her monthly chalkboard pictures.

The dessert table was the focal point as soon as guests entered the hall. Behind it I hung a light pink ruffled backdrop and topped it with a colored pennant banner featuring the various fabrics I mentioned before!

The ruffled backdrop is actually a twenty dollar shower curtain from Amazon! It served the purpose though and now I have it in case we ever move to a place where LG has her own bathroom!

Each table had a blue mason jar filled with two roses, one white and one pink, and baby’s breath, and a scrabble tile tray with one of Goosey’s many nicknames on it. Scrabble played a role in Daniel asking me out on our first date so we have incorporated it into our engagement pictures, our wedding reception, maternity pictures and now into our baby girl’s first birthday party!

For favors, I stamped mason jars onto cardstock and tied them to small bags of mints. Well, Daniel tied them to the bags of mints that he also filled! Thanks, Babe! I wrote “Hope you had a Ball!” on each tag. I ordered precious printed napkins, too!

This chalkboard greeted guests on their way in!

After a busy day of decorating, we headed back to my parents’ house so that LG could get a nap in before the party.

She and Daddy napped while I iced sugar cookies Daddy made earlier in the morning.

When she woke up, I gave her a quick bath and dressed her in the dress my grandmother made, robin’s egg blue leggings, her new gold shoes, and added one of my Mama’s pearl necklaces. She looked SO precious!

When we got back to the church around 5:30, guests were already arriving! 

It was the sweetest thing ever watching her greet them with her signature smile and adorable little wave!

For dinner, we ordered food from a friend’s restaurant. We had a variety of sub sandwiches served on vintage china, salad, and different soups. We drank pink lemonade out of mason jars with precious pink and white polka dotted and bunting straws!

After we ate, it was time for cake!

Everyone sang “Happy Birthday,” we helped her blow out her single candle and then put on her party hat and monogrammed bib to prepare for the mess that was about to be made!

She dug right into the rosette cake and even wanted to share with Daddy and Mama!

For dessert, we had birthday cake, cookies and ice cream!

After dessert, we had a table full of presents to open. Everyone was so gracious! She received so much, including money and gift cards, lots of new fall/winter clothes, adorable handmade bows, a musical tea set, a stroller for her baby dolls, a Tigger that bounces, a few stuffed animals, a puzzle, and her very own toy iPhone and even a personalized Tervis tumbler!


It seems so surreal that this time last year, I was folding tiny newborn clothes I received at my church shower, and now I’m putting away presents from my big girl’s first birthday party!

Having a baby changes everything including your concept of time! A year has never passed so quickly!

It was such a wonderful evening! Watching LG have a ball was truly the best part!

We are looking forward to continuing the celebration for the rest of this week as we approach her birthday on Thursday! 


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