Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Eleven Months...

Here we are four short weeks from ONE. Londyn Grace is eleven months old! 
This time last year we were having our maternity pictures taken and putting finishing touches on her nursery. Now we are chasing a very busy baby around and watching her blossom right before our eyes! 

Weighing in at 18 pounds 3 ounces, she is definitely getting heavier and catching up in the weight department. At her check-up with Dr. Schlachter last week, she was still measuring 28 inches, so she has stalled a bit in length. We are buying 12 month clothes for Fall/Winter since most of her 9 month wardrobe is getting too small.

Baby girl has had a BIG month of milestones!!

Within the last two weeks, her two front top teeth have finally worked their way out, bringing her total to four (the two bottom she’s had since 7 months). I am going to miss her sweet gummy smile! It’s amazing how two teeth change the appearance so much!

Her hair has also grown like crazy! We can now clip in her bows! I am in love with how curly it’s getting!

I mentioned in my last post that she is getting into EVERYTHING! She has mastered crawling, no more dragging one leg, and crawls so fast, pulling up to standing on anything she can get her hands on and then cruising around using the furniture to balance. She also figured out how to walk using her walkers this month! She has a plastic one and a Melissa and Doug alligator walker at home and there is another one in the church nursery that she is super fond of. 

Verbally, she made my day, my week, and probably my year when she crawled up to me and called “Mama” to get my attention! I’ll never forget that moment. She has been making the sound for months, but hearing her use it in direct relation to me was so precious! She has also mastered “Hi!” and will say it when I am talking to someone on the phone or when she is waving. She continues to say “Dada” and knows who her “Dada” is! She gets so excited when she hears the front door open and knows it’s Dada coming home! Just this morning, she said "Bye bye" when Daddy was leaving for the church! She is beginning to mimic sounds, as well.

Sweet Lovey Lou has become so much more affectionate and willingly gives kisses! Ah, they are the sweetest. EVER. Open mouth and lots of drool! She will give them when we ask for them, but is more apt to offer them on her own! {Melt my heart!} She also shows affection
by patting my arm when I’m holding her or laying her head on my shoulder.

Aside from her walkers, Goosey is beginning to love baby dolls! She gives them “lovin’” too, kissing and hugging them! We definitely have one on the birthday list. She still has a ball interacting with the baby in the mirror! I told Daniel that we really need to get this poor girl some little friends to play with! 

As for her eating it is about the same, still loving anything and everything we offer and not wanting us to eat in front of her without sharing! She loves to take bites now that her top teeth are in and gets frustrated when we won’t let her have a whole piece of whatever is on the menu! Little piglet! :) Her favorites include any type of meat, corn on the cob, her morning Cheerios, and grapes (Mama gives very tiny pieces.) 

Her number one is still Mama’s milk, though as she still eats every 3 hours or so even if it’s just for five minutes. My heart hurts to think about our nursing days being numbered. We will continue until she is finished, but with each passing day she grows more active and less apt to sit still. She often eats standing on her head or playing with a toy with one hand. I am beyond grateful for the journey we’ve had. I know I mention it every month, but with our rough start there were many days when I questioned if we’d make through the day much less eleven wonderful months! 

Sleep is still about the same as well although our bedtime routine has changed a little. Some nights she is now letting Daddy put her to sleep while others she still likes Mama qto rock her and sing the same lullaby I’ve been singing for months. She is still beginning the night in her crib and coming in with us at her midnight waking. She has also started to wake up a little earlier in the mornings. Napping is going well and she almost always naps in her crib! For a few weeks, I thought she was going to give up her morning nap for a longer afternoon nap, but most days she still needs both.

This month, her personality has become so much more apparent! She laughs when we are silly and often does silly things herself to get a reaction from us! She has perfected the “stink face” and is often curling her little nose up when trying to figure something out! Londyn Grace is very determined and even stubborn at times so we are continuing to work on teaching boundaries and helping her understand rules and limits. Overall, she is still happy and sweet and we pray that she stays that way!

It is so hard to wrap our minds around the fact that our teeny tiny newborn is almost a whole year old. We are so thankful for the last eleven months and can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring. Her big celebration is only four weeks away! 


  1. Happy 11 months pretty girl. I can't believe how fast the time goes.

  2. HAPPY ELEVEN MONTHS!!! It only gets better from here, momma!

  3. She's so sweet! They are so fun to watch grow!

  4. Love you baby girl....your should I say Big Girl

  5. Congrats on making it to 11 months breastfeeding! It is such an awesome accomplishment! The more active and mobile they get, the more crazy eating time becomes. My son is always falling over, upside down, backwards, etc. when he eats. Too funny!