Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Dolly

If you remember from my weekly pregnancy posts, I thought for sure that Londyn Grace was a boy! The busy baby in my belly just had to be a boy because it was always moving. I was shocked and thrilled when we cut into the cake and saw PINK! I would've been just as thrilled if the icing was blue, but knowing we had a sweet baby girl on the way made me so very happy!

And even after almost a year with her, I am still having the time of my life dressing up my real-life dolly!

This afternoon, after our chores were finished, I wanted to take advantage of the lovely weather and get a few pictures of LG outside.

We are sort of between seasons and between sizes right now, growing out of all of her summer clothes and not quite ready to wear her fall outfits so I didn't find anything in her closet. Just then I remembered, a tote of my baby things in the attic.

So I chose a precious yellow dress with eyelet lace around the neckline and even found one of my old dolls for her to play with. My white shoes that she wore for her dedication matched perfectly!

We headed out back to capture the sweetness of her interacting with it, dressed in my vintage dress and wearing my shoes! Oh, how sweet it was!

We were only outside for less than ten minutes when the bugs started biting, but I am thrilled with the shots I got!

I emailed them to my Mama when we came in. She often says how much Lovey reminds her of me, so seeing her in my dress and shoes playing with my doll, made her cry!

LG has been carrying around the doll all evening!

I love watching her give it lovin'! 

My dolly with her dolly!

Be still my heart!


  1. So sweet. Kendall just started giving her dolls hugs & kisses, it's the cutest thing

  2. Oh my gosh! So glad you found me. I can't believe how many Sarah bloggers there are out there! We should do a link party someday just if your name is Sara(h)! :) Your little girl is beautiful and that first picture is precious. Stay tuned as I'm co-hosting a great blog hop with the amazing Holly from 'Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally' soon and it will be a fun one!