Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nine Months with Our Little Liam Babe

I'm behind again, but determined to keep up with the blog since it is their baby book of sorts!

Our Bubby turned 9 months old on the 9th! He's out for as long as he was in my belly!

Weighing in right at 15 pounds, he is quite small for his age and weighs less than Sissy did at 3/4 of a year, but he's happy and healthy so the pediatrician isn't too concerned. Since he did recommend we up the solids a bit and try to choose veggies with higher fat content so we've added a lot of avocado to his diet. That seems to be helping a little! He still nurses often.

He's wearing 6 month onesies and can still wear size three month pants since his waist is so tiny but they are definitely too short! Thankfully warmer weather has arrived so he can start wearing shorts instead of highwaters!

When I took his chalkboard pictures this month, he wasn't feeling his best. Spring hit him hard with terrible allergies and then he ended up with a fever for three days on top of it. His sweet smiles were few and far between.

Londyn Grace is still his biggest fan and he's pretty fond of her, too! Except for when she wants to be extra generous with lots of hugs! :) Often when sitting next to each other, I find them holding hands. I love watching their bond grow!

He's still taking a good morning nap from around 10:30-11:00 to around 12:30. His afternoon nap is hit and miss with the timing, but he does sleep for a bit before Daddy gets home at 4:00.

Speaking of Daddy, this month he said his first word! Dada is heard quite frequently these days, but he's still a mama's boy through and through and attached to my hip pretty much constantly! I didn't think it was possible for a baby to be more attached to me than LG was, but this little boy certainly loves his mama! 

We have tried the crib a few times, but for the most part he still sleeps with us and nurses through the night.

We're still waiting on teeth and on crawling! He's mobile though! He gets where he wants to be by scooting on his bottom! 

He loves bathtime and swinging and sliding (on mama's lap) at the park!

I can't believe this is his last month in the single digits!

We love him SO!

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  1. He is so adorable! Our little guy will be 8 month on the 9th. I was going to comment on your last update that our boys are opposites...Jeremiah loves the car seat and hates water (unless it is at the lake) but I see they have in common nursing through the night ;). I have enjoyed reading your updates...not sure how I came across your blog. Enjoy these precious days they go too fast!!