Friday, July 10, 2015

ten and eleven months {our little Liam babe}

Oh, Bubby, Mama's done it again.

I missed your ten month update and today you turned eleven months old!

But, please know that it's not because I haven't wanted to get your stats and things recorded! It's mostly because you are SUCH a mama's boy and are attached to me constantly! :) It's hard to type with you on my lap!

Anyway,  I'll do my best to remember all the things that have happened with you since I last posted!

 At 10 months, you still weren't crawling, but you were definitely mobile! You would scoot around on your bottom or stretch and reach as far as you could to grab whatever you had your eye on!

You are a little vacuum! There is no way I could list the things we've had to pry from your mouth! You find the tiniest pieces of anything and everything and you aren't thrilled when we take it away!

Speaking of eating, you certainly love to eat! You have tried lots of new foods and so far haven't turned down anything! You had your first taste of watermelon on Memorial Day and loved it! I got some really sweet pictures of you enjoying it! You are still nursing often and I cherish the snuggle time as you play with my hair and playfully put your fingers up to my mouth. You definitely have me wrapped around them, that's for sure! :)

This month we had family pictures taken (which still need to be blogged) and went to story time each Friday at the library! You did so well sitting with Sister and listening to the stories!

The day before you turned 10 months old your first tooth popped through! Your second followed about a week later! So now you have two bottom teeth! And Mama just loves how they peek out when you smile!

A few days after turning ten months, you had your checkup with Dr. Schlachter. We were so sad to find out it would be your last one. He's moving to Florida so we are on the hunt for a new pediatrician. :( He was pleased with your growth! You weighed around 16 pounds exactly and measured 27.5 inches long. You are tiny, but healthy!

This month you went on your first vacation and did an amazing job in your carseat! We drove over 2,000 miles and you hardly fussed at all unless it was time to nurse.

We went to Michigan and got to see all of the places that Daddy has always told us about! (another set of pictures needing to be blogged!)

Daddy helped you put your toes in the lake and you weren't really sure about the cold water!

  On June 25th, you said "Mama!" for the first time! What a sweet sound it is! Two days later, you pulled up to stand in your crib for the first time! So many firsts in such a short period of time!

Sister is still your biggest fan and you love her so much. When I'm taking your monthly pictures, your eyes are always on her!

Tonight she summed up how she feels about you with this little compliment, "You're amazing Bubba! You're an amazing boy!" I pray you two are always the best of friends!

Last week, we went to Ocean City, Maryland and you had a blast eating sand! (Yet another to be blogged event!) You liked the water this time {as opposed to the lake} until a big wave splashed you in the face! You only cried for a minute or two though!

Recently, you've moved from napping in your swing to napping in your crib and even start the night in your crib as well. You still take two naps and sometimes three if we are out in the evenings and you fall asleep in your carseat.

At eleven months, you are still wearing mostly 6 month clothes. You are inching toward 9 months slowly but surely! It's crazy to me that you can still be so little yet seeming so big!

This little comparison puts it into perspective!

Tonight, you celebrated your eleventh month by figuring out how to crawl! For weeks now, you would get up on all fours and try only to promptly plop right back down into a sitting position and cry for whatever it was you were after, but tonight you were determined to get the remote and you did it! 
All with Mama, Daddy and Sissy cheering you on! We are so proud of you, Bubby!

We are so thankful that the Lord gave us you, sweet boy! What a blessing you are to our family!

It seems so surreal that last year we were preparing for your arrival and now we are preparing for your first birthday party!

I'm so excited about the baseball theme and celebrating you with our family and friends!

Just four more weeks!

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