Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter 2015


It's quickly becoming my favorite holiday. Spring's arrival coupled with the remembrance of our Lord's Resurrection are certainly a wonderful cause for celebration!

And while it's my favorite holiday, it's also a hard one since we don't live near family. We have lots of responsibilities at church so traveling home isn't feasible. I was a little down this year, thinking of all we were missing back home and the fact that no one would get to see our sweet babes in their Easter best, but it was a beautiful weekend in spite of those things!

On Saturday morning, we kept our now annual tradition of attending our town's egg hunt! This year, Londyn Grace entered a painting in the art contest and received a ribbon and coloring book!

She also got to see the Easter Bunny! She absolutely loves anything in costume so she was thrilled!

She gave him a high five and also sat on his lap twice!

Brother slept through most of it, but woke up just in time to meet the Big Bunny, too! He wasn't quite as excited as Sister, but he didn't cry!

After the hunt, we stopped at Dunkin for some doughnuts before heading to the church for our afternoon of Upward basketball.

When we got home, it was time to color our eggs.

Londyn Grace was so into it. From putting the eggs into the pot to boil, getting her cups of dye ready and then coloring them and adding pretty stickers, she loved every minute of it!

They turned out really pretty! She decided to try one but only ate a few bites before deciding mama could finish it!

Before heading to bed on Saturday evening, I filled their baskets.

The first Easter basket is always a hard one for me since he can't eat candy yet and doesn't really play with toys so Liam didn't get quite as much as Londyn Grace, but he wasn't too upset about it!

Before getting dressed on Sunday morning, we came down to see what we waiting in their baskets.

The umbrella was definitely a favorite! 

Bubba enjoyed his ducky, too.

After a beautiful Resurrection Day Service, a sweet friend snapped a few pictures for us! It's been a tradition since we got married to coordinate our Easter outfits and have a photo taken. I love looking back at the pictures from years past.

This year was extra special since it was Liam's first Easter!

I love this picture of my two favorite guys in their matching bow ties!

And then of Daddy and both of his babies!

I'm hardly ever in pictures with them since I'm typically behind the camera so I was thrilled to get this one!

Then I took of few of our sweet babes in their Easter best! After taking about twenty shots, this was the least blurry of them all! :)

His sweet little suspenders and her smocking make this mama's heart happy!

I love this one even though you can't see their faces! They love each other so much!

It was a wonderful day! He is Risen, indeed!

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