Friday, October 3, 2014

A Letter to my Two Year Old

Sweet Londyn Grace,

        It's October third. Today, you are two, Lovey Lou!

        I vividly recall typing your letter last year and I can hardly believe that it was 365 nights ago that
I sat on the couch in tears recounting the first twelve months with you. It's even harder to believe that it was another two whole years ago, that I sat cradling all six pounds of you in my arms, in awe of what of the gift we had been given.

        Yes. It was your birth day, but we, your Daddy and I, got the present. We were given the best when God gave us you!

       The past twelve months have been nothing short of amazing. The first year was such a blur of constant feedings and just trying to figure out motherhood in general, but in your second year, I have truly been able to just watch as you transformed from a baby to a little girl right before my eyes. It's hard to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but somehow it just did.

        You have the sweetest heart and I pray that the Lord uses that to draw you to Himself sooner rather than later. Your concern for others at such a young age simply humbles me. Tonight, I stubbed my toe and when you heard me say "Ow!" you promptly left the book you were looking at to come over and give it a "tiss!" and rub it so gently. I hope that you will always be so kind and compassionate.

You've done so many "Big Girl" things this year. Sleeping in a big girl bed, potty training, going to class at church by yourself. You definitely aren't a baby anymore and while I will always miss my itty bitty babe and wish I could nurse you to sleep just one more time, I am just so privileged to watch you grow.
One of the biggest changes in your little life has been the addition of your baby brother to our family. I worried so much about how you would respond to him, but you have done an amazing job in your
big sister role! You love your brother so much! You are forever wanting to say "Hi to the boy!" or asking to "Hold, Miam!" It thrills my heart!

      Goosey, you are so smart and have an incredible memory. You speak so well, communicating with hundreds of words. You know your alphabet, your colors, the words to your favorite songs. Speaking of singing, you seem to have a constant song in your heart. I hope you never lose that.

    There is so much about you that I wish I could bottle up and keep forever. The way you call for me each morning asking "Where's Daddy?" from your bed before you walk, arms full of your books and babies, into my room and climb into bed with me. The way your wrap your arms around me and start singing "My Girl" when I pick you up to carry you down the stairs. The way you answer "Otay!" after I tell you something. I could go on and on.

  Your bright blue eyes and golden curls catch the attention of so many. We are constantly told how beautiful you are, and we couldn't agree more!

I always feel like the words don't convey how much you truly mean to me. Please know what a treasure you are!

You continue to bring sunshine to our home just as your did on that rainy Wednesday two Octobers ago when you made your grand entrance after just over three hours of labor.

You certainly bring warmth to our cloudy days! You are our month of May! :) 

I should get to sleep so I will have the energy to keep up with you when you wake in a few hours!

Happy TWO to you, my girl!

Mama loves you! More and more and more!

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