Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two Months with Our Little Liam Babe

Sweet Liam babe is two months old!!

Weighing in at 8 pounds 10 ounces and measuring 21 inches long most people that go a few days without seeing him comment on how big he's getting! He's too long for newborn pajamas so we just made the switch to 0-3 months for length. He's still wearing newborn onesies, shirts and newborn pants still have lots of room in the waist. He moved up to size one diapers, too!

Our little man took his first road trips this month! He traveled to Grammy and Grandpap's in Pennsylvania for his cousin's first birthday party and went to Pop Pop and Mimi's in Maryland for his first Apple Fest. We also took him to the pumpkin patch for the first time! He slept through most of it, but it's a memory we'll always cherish. Londyn Grace even picked out a pumpkin for her little brother!

This month he met a lot of our extended family! He was introduced to his great grandparents, Oma and Opa, and to his great Aunt Crystal and Uncle Bert on Daddy's side. On Mama's side, Aunt Brenda, Cousin Becki and Aunt Janni all got to snuggle him for the first time. Cousins Jordan and Matthew met him, too!  He also got to meet one of Mama's fellow teachers from her old school and lots of other friends at the Apple Festival.

notice the extra hand in the corner?! Someone loves her brother!
This little man loves to nurse and still nurses every two hours most days. He loves to hold mama's fingers or onto my shirt  while he eats! If we're out and about, there are times when he'll go three hours if he falls asleep in his carseat. {Speaking of his carseat, if he's awake, he pretty much hates it and isn't shy about letting us know it!} He took his first bottle of mama's milk like a champ a few weeks ago. Some days he's the king of the cluster feed and wants to nurse and nurse and not take a single nap! Other days, he naps well in his rock and play or in the Solly wrap. At night, he settles around 11 and usually sleeps until 2:30 before waking to eat but he went the longest he's ever gone the other night sleeping until 4:30; in the morning! When he wakes, he snuggles in Daddy and Mama's bed until its time to get up for the day.

Last month, I had suspected acid reflux being a problem for him, but a lot of those issues have subsided and our pediatrician doesn't think we have anything to worry about! 

His biggest and sweetest accomplishment was showing us his precious smile for the first time! He's quick to do it for Mimi, Grammy and his big sister, but it takes a little more work for mama to get one! I was thrilled when I caught one on camera! He's cooing now, too!

It's been such a wonderful month cuddling and cherishing our sweet boy! We are soaking up all the snuggles knowing he will outgrow them all too soon!

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