Sunday, March 9, 2014

Londyn Grace is Seventeen Months Old!

My Goose turned seventeen months old on Monday. Wow! And I thought the first year went fast! How is it that almost half of year two has passed already?!

She is growing and changing so much these days! Seemingly becoming more and more of the big sister she will be in just a few short months!

She is still tiny compared to most her age, but is weighing in right at 20 pounds. I need to measure her soon!  She is still wearing her 12 month clothes! We've been able to get a lot of wear out of all of her clothes since she's stayed on the smaller side! She can actually still wear her 9 month onesies! I am starting to buy 18 months skirts just for their length and so they fit better over her cloth diapers.

She now has 14 teeth! She cut four more teeth this month, bottom molars and bottom

This month she has really started talking. She will try to repeat almost anything we ask her to and most of the time it ends up sounding a lot like the word she was aiming for!

Her vocabulary includes:

Nonnyn (Londyn)
Mimi       (my mom)
Pop pop (my dad)
Grammy (Daniel's mom)
Mom Mom (my grandmother)
Johnny (Uncle Johnny)Tammy (my cousin)
Duke (a little boy at church)
Chloe (the little girl I've started keeping during the week)

"I don't know"

Tweet tweet

Cheese (when smiling for the camera)

She can point to her hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, belly, knees, and feet and say most of those words! If you ask her what's in mama's belly she will say "Baby!" (Actually she now think everyone has a baby in their belly!) She knows the sounds for a bird, sheep and horse so far along with her panting if you ask what a doggie does. She uses please in context and uses it often! She thinks it gets her whatever she wants! ;)

She is still our social butterfly politely greeting anyone and everyone she meets. She will say, "Bye!" even if someone is just leaving the room! 

When she says "I don't know" she puts her hands out and kind of shrugs! It's super precious!

If you ask her what a surprised baby does, she opens her mouth in shock! She can also show you what sleepy baby does!

She has really enjoyed having Chloe here to play with this week. We are hoping it will help her to adjust to sharing my attention and learning to interact with other children before the baby gets here. She's done really well with sharing her toys.

Overall she continues to be our happy, easygoing girl, but her temper and impatience have shown themselves a bit lately. We are working on that!

She is taking one really good nap each afternoon which usually lasts around an hour and a half to two hours, but she is still waking up once at night.

Over the past month, we traveled A LOT for funerals, but she did really well in the car.

As for eating, we are finding more foods that seem to be here favorites so we haven't had as much of an issue with the pickiness. Every morning, she goes right to the cabinet where I keep the pancake mix to tell me she wants her daily pancake! She still loves yogurt, raisins and graham crackers. For lunch, she loves chicken noodle soup or any soup for that matter or spaghetti. At dinner time, her favorite vegetables are definitely peas and corn!

We are still working on getting her to drink enough from her sippy cup. Though she is still nursing, my supply has dropped significantly due to the pregnancy and she isn't getting much milk. We've had some terrible constipation issues as a result of her lack of hydration, but over the last week we're up to two sippy cups of water/juice a day which is a huge improvement.

I kept the list going this month of some of the cute things our Lovey Lou has done, but it's not quite as lengthy as in months past due to all the craziness of traveling and spending time with family.

2/7 said "teeth" you love to brush your teeth!

2/8 woke up to the first sounds of birds chirping so I had you stop and listen. I said "say birdie" and you did! Then I said "say tweet tweet" and you did!

2/10 I asked you to say "please" for a cookie and you did!

2/11 I was getting ready for the day when you stopped and stood really still and said something. I took me a minute to realize you were saying "birdie" because you heard them chirping!

2/12 the first thing you said when you woke up was "birdie" "tweet, tweet!" all on your own!

2/14 you picked up my phone and said cheese when I looked at it you had the camera up!

2/14 you got your first roses for Valentine's Day (from your Daddy, of course!)

2/14 you said "please" in context wanting Daddy to give you to mama

2/18 you called Uncle Johnny "Bob!" again!

2/19 we were all sitting at Granny's and we were certain you said, "Megan!"

2/22 you said "Tammy"
                   "Grammy" for the first time

2/23 you called Duke (a little boy at church) by name! 

2/28 You learned how to climb up in the recliner all by yourself

Londyn Grace learned how to "draw" on her chalkboard wall this month! Her sweet little masterpieces are so precious! She still loves to ride in her Cozy Coupe though the little circle we make around the living room and dining room doesn't provide for very long rides! We are so looking forward to getting outside once all of the snow melts! She still isn't a fan of tv, but will watch Bible songs on youtube. Her favorite is still This Little Light of Mine. She loves to watch Daddy coach the Upward basketball league at church.

The past month was another wonderful one and we praise God for all the sweet moments we were blessed to share with our Londyn girl!


  1. Happy 17 months sweet girl!! Love her smile!

  2. Adorable! She's such a cutie pie :) They get big so quickly, don't they?