Friday, May 3, 2013

Seven Months...

entertaining her audience
 (mimi, pop pop, auntie m, and lyssa!)

Lovey Lou, you are seven months old! This means you are closer to being one than you are to being a newborn! Ahhh! I'll try not to think about that!

At seven months old, Londyn Grace is weighing in at 14 pounds 8 ounces and measuring around 27 inches long! She is still a peanut, but her little thighs are getting chunky and her feet now touch the bottom of her exersaucer! She used to be able to curl up next to Mama while nursing and her feet would press into my belly now she  has to bend her  legs because she is so long! She has officially outgrown most of her 3-6 month clothes. She wears mostly 6 month dresses and 6 month pjs! She's even moved up to 6 month skirts!  I spent some time this month packing away things that don't fit her anymore and found it to be quite hard! Why do babies grow so fast?!

The past months was full of firsts for Sweet Pea! She had her first taste of solids on April 4th! Daddy made her sweet potato purée and she loved it! We've only tried a few things since we want to make sure she's still getting her main nutrients from Mama's milk, but she also likes carrots and apples! She was NOT a fan of avocado! She is doing a lot of snack nursing but is still eating every three hours most days.

She went to the playground for the first time and really liked the swings! (I blogged about it here!)

She rolled from her back to her belly for the first time (but hasn't done it since!) I was changing her diaper, and she wanted the wipes container so she rolled over to get it!

She had her first fall that resulted in a bloody nose and a terrified mama! I was sitting on the floor, she was sitting on my lap when she fell forward into a pile of wooden puzzles. She cried hard but only for a few minutes! I think it hurt me more than it hurt her.

She saw her first play at Sight & Sound Theatre. She sat so well watching the actors and live animals in Noah! She also visited Carlo's Bakery (from TLCs Cake Boss) for the first time! She didn't have a cupcake but we assured her that ours tasted pretty yummy! :)
gorgeous girl

On our walk last night, Londyn Grace waved for the first time! It is so precious!

She is also saying "Ma. Ma. Ma." over and over again! I know she doesn't know what it means, but I sure do love the sound! She's working on "Dada" too!

We have really established a napping schedule that works well for us and if she stays on it, she is such a smily happy girl! She takes three naps a day,  mid morning, afternoon and another in the early evening! We are also able to put her down for naps (after rocking) and she is staying asleep! (this is a pretty big deal since she was needing to be held to stay asleep for any length of time!)

For the last two nights, sweet Londyn girl hasn't wanted to nurse to sleep. Instead she prefers Mama to stand with her, bouncing and singing. She "sings" along with her eyes closed until all of her extra energy is gone and she drifts off. I lay her in her crib and she sleeps in her room for the first half of the night. (From 10:00 until she stirs usually around 1 or 2) Then she nurses and stays with Mama and Daddy for the rest of the night. She is still a fan of sleeping until around 9 each morning which is fine with me! On Sundays, I usually have to wake her in order to be ready for church on time!

Since the weather has warmed up, we've been taking walks! It has been so nice to get out in the sunshine! She loves sitting in the grass!

She loves looking at books and is still putting everything into her mouth. She likes to chew on empty water bottles and anything she can get ahold of! We are working hard trying to teach her not to touch glasses, remotes, cell phones, etc!

She has also started chewing/sucking her thumb!

We've had lots of drool, but still no sign of a tooth!

our world
She has been sitting like a champ since the beginning of the month and can now get from a seated position to her belly on her own! Once she gets there though she gets frustrated because she is definitely not mobile yet! I'm okay with that! I'm not ready for a crawler!

She is still very very attached to me, but does okay with others as long as I'm not in her line of sight!

She's also making a new "Ah ah" sound when she wants someone or something! She is reaching out for what she wants!

It seems like she is learning something new everyday and I'm so blessed to be able to be home with her! My lifelong dream of being a stay at home mom is reality and more wonderful than I ever imagined it would be! Londyn Grace loves seeing Daddy when he comes home for lunch! Her face lights up when he walks in!

She is our world and we are so glad we get to keep her!! The last seven months have been the best of our lives and we can't wait for the month to come!


  1. It's amazing watching them grow up! Even if it does go by so quickly :( The upside is that the new ages and stages are fun as well! She's precious and blessed to be in your family!

  2. Wooohooo! Way to go Londyn and Sara! She is just precious!

  3. aww!! thanks for linking up with us :) she is a doll!!

  4. Aw! She is so cute! Time goes way too fast with little ones! Our little guy just turned 10 months and I keep on asking myself how did it happen! Ah! Just found your blog, your family is so cute! Can't wait to see what else you guys are up to :) Happy Thursday!

    xoxo Jamie

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