Monday, April 15, 2013

Just a Swingin'

hey, pretty lady!
We’ve had a busy, but wonderful Monday!

Mondays are Daddy’s day off since he is busy at the church on Saturdays so we love our time together! We did some cleaning this morning then we went for a walk, mailed a letter at the post office and had lunch at a sandwich shop in town. We hurried home just in time to head to Dr. Schlachter’s office for Londyn Grace’s six month well check!

In the doctor’s words, she “got an A+!” He was pleased with her growth and said that she is doing great! She gained two pounds (still a peanut at around 14 pounds), grew an inch and half in length (26 inches) and her noggin grew another inch as well (this explains why some of our favorite headbands are getting a little snug) since her last appointment. Thank You, Lord, for a healthy, growing baby!

I was reminded again of how much I love our sweet pediatrician! I know the Lord picked him especially for this anxious first time Mama! He is a real life Doc Baker from Little House on the Prairie! His laid back, caring and gentle nature is such a blessing!
swinging for the first time
After some grocery shopping, we decided to check out the playground just down the street from our house! 

I know we'll be spending lots of time there once the weather warms up for good! It has walking paths (so I can get some much needed exercise!) and lots of fun equipment for littles!

Londyn Grace loved swinging for the first time, and Mama loved snapping pictures of this milestone while Daddy pushed her. Daddy also showed her the slide and how to ride the horsey! 
daddy and his girl
pretty baby
push me higher,  Daddy!
I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed while watching her enjoy herself! She is seeming so big to be these days now that she's sitting independently! I can't handle this growing up stuff! :) 
                           ride a little horsey, up and down!

so much fun!

not too sure about the slide
It was a bit chilly so we didn't stay long, but she seemed to enjoy it! Daddy made us breakfast food for dinner when we got home, waffles, eggs, and canadian bacon! So yummy! 

I'm so thankful for our little family and for the precious gift that life is! The tragedy in Boston grieves my heart, and I pray that it will only make us realize our need for Jesus in a greater way. 

I have so much to blog including Easter, pictures of her first taste of solids, etc., etc. I hope to do that sometime this week, but should probably tackle the laundry first! :) 

Side note: Blogger is frustrating. I worked with picture placement way too long and it's still not cooperating! Ugh!


  1. Love the photos and that outfit!!!

    1. Thank you, Ashley! Her sweater dress was a Christmas gift from Baby Gap! It just now fits so she needs to wear it before the weather warms up!