Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweet Summertime

Summer has officially arrived in North Jersey!

The high today was 91 degrees! After rainy days of barely hitting 60 late last week, it was quite the change! We are headed to Florida for our first vacation as a family of three next week and thought we'd have to save Londyn Grace's rompers and bubbles for our days in the sunshine state, but we broke one out today!

I can barely handle the cuteness! I am so excited about this summer! I love not having to cover up her sweet chubby legs with tights and leggings!

This morning after Goosey woke up from an hour and forty five minute nap {in her crib!!}, we headed outside to snap a few pictures of her in her summer attire!

We've spent most of the week getting caught up on laundry since we were home in Maryland for a few days last week and then had a super busy weekend at church. It had been a few day since we had the time to do a photo session. I love my iPhone for daily picture taking, but I don't want all of Londyn's baby pictures to be iPhone pictures especially when I have my Canon. 

She was determined to get that stick!

Then she was distracted by the neighbor's dog barking!

I think my days of getting her to sit still for pictures are numbered as she is starting to rock on her knees and lunge forward! AHH! This mama is not ready for a crawler! 

Londyn Grace's smile lights up the room, but I also love her serious look!

 I think she gets prettier every day! I simply cannot get enough of this little lady!

She was tired of all the picture taking just in time for Daddy to come home for lunch! We love that he gets to come home to see us! {It's hard to believe that our first date was four years ago, today! We also got engaged on May 30th, two years ago! That seems like a lifetime ago!}

After lunch, we went shopping for a few new outfits for Mama! I don't shop for myself much anymore because I love buying LG clothes, but I wanted a few summery things for our trip!

We are looking forward to next week and enjoying sweet summertime together!!

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  1. Mimi needs all of these photos too, I will have to make a Londyn wall :)