Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Liam is TWO years old!

Oh, sweet boy! You turned two on August 9th! Time seemed to go so much faster the second time around! I can't believe how big you are getting.

Over the last six months, since your 18 month update, you have grown like a weed. The pediatrician was shocked to find you had gained over 5 pounds and grew 4.5 inches taller in just six months! You are still on the small side based on the percentile chart, but that amount of growth is huge! You now weigh 25 pounds and measure 35 inches tall. You just moved into a size 7 shoe which is the size Sissy was wearing last summer! You're a whole year ahead of where she was in shoe size! You're wearing mostly 2T clothes. Shortalls and bubbles will keep you looking little and sweet a little longer so that's what your wardrobe consists of for the most part!

Your appetite has definitely increased hence the crazy growth! You aren't picky at all, and are my fruit lover for sure! You'd choose grapes or blueberries for a snack over most anything else! You take after Daddy in that department! You usually ask for seconds of whatever is being served at most mealtimes. You also love cheese, and will take my hand and ask to walk to the kitchen several times a day so I will get you a piece from the fridge!

Nursing has been a part of our life for 25 months now! {Four years straight for me since Londyn Grace didn't wean before you was born} I only allow you to nurse or have "BB" as you calls it at naptime and bedtime, but you do still ask for it at other times during the day. I need to let Daddy start doing bedtime, but I just can't give up such a sweet time with my baby boy, yet!

We just started potty training. You like to sit on the potty, but haven't gotten the going in it part down yet! :) We will keep working. Once that's accomplish, I will work on the weaning! You look so cute in your big boy underwear! And yes, I know you won't like that I felt that way in a few years! :)

You are just the sweetest thing. I had forgotten how much fun the age of two is! You give the best hugs and kisses! I'm so excited to see you in your big brother role! You love your little cousins and the babies in the church nursery so I know you are going to adore your baby brother or sister! Londyn Grace is still your favorite! The bond you two share is just precious, and I pray you never lose it! She is responsible for the smiles in these pictures!

Trains, tractors and trucks are on your list of favorites! You will sit on Pop Pop's lawn mower for hours on end. You are still obsessed with balls! You love watching Paw Patrol on tv and sing the theme song in cutest voice ever! You can name all of the puppies and are constantly asking to watch it, usually adding "Please, Mommy!" so I'll be sure to turn it on for you!

Your vocabulary has just exploded over the last few weeks. I couldn't even count the number of words you say now! I love hearing you talk and seeing more of who you are as you express yourself better. If we ask you what your name is, your reply is "Bubba!" which we do call you more often than not! You also respond to Bubby and Brother. We really should start using your actual name! Your little Jersey accent is the absolute best! The way you say "car" and "c'mon!" is so cute! You are super polite and are always saying, "Thank you, Mommy!" and "Please, Mommy!" and "Excuse Me!" I love it!

You can identify colors, like to count to ten with Sissy, and watch her play which I know is helping you learn.

You are finally sleeping through the night and take a good 2 hour nap each afternoon. You are my early riser, usually awake around 7 AM. Some days you can't make it until after lunch and end up napping first and eating a late lunch when you wake up around 2:00!

Every time I write one of these posts, I alway feel like I'm missing so much. There's so much I want to remember about you at two years old! 

We had a train themed party this year, so we took your birthday portraits at the local railroad museum! I thought you'd be blown away by the trains, but you ended up being more interested in the rocks! :)

We are so thankful for you! 

Watching you grow and experience what it's like to have a son has just been the best! 

I know that these are my last few months with you as the baby of the family, but to me, you will always be my sweet baby boy! 

The Lord gave us such a gift when He blessed us with you! 

Happy TWO, Bubby!

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