Thursday, September 22, 2016

An Apple a Day...

After several weeks of planning to squeeze in a beach day before summer ended, we finally resigned to moving that item to next year's summer bucket list! Church responsibilities kept us from getting to the sand so we decided to move on to a fall activity instead when Daddy was able to take his regular Monday off from the office. 

We always go apple picking with our church at an orchard in early October, but we thought it wouldn't hurt to go twice this season so we headed to Alstede Farms for a morning of Fall fun!

While we waited for the tractor to take us to the apple trees, Liam loved looking at the cows.

The tractor was taking a bit longer than normal to arrive so we decided to walk out to the trees. Our tractor loving boy wasn't very happy with that decision, but once he got to pick some apples he cheered up a little. It was a challenge keeping him from eating them as we picked. 

Londyn Grace loved helping Daddy choose apples for our basket. 

And posing for Mama every now and then! Well, I'm not sure she loved the picture part, but she's always a good sport for my camera!

Daddy even snapped this picture of the two of us!

Honeycrisp are Daddy's favorite apple so we that's the majority of what we came home with.

Londyn Grace and Liam had fun playing tag among the trees.

It didn't take long to gather 10 pounds of apples!

And then it was time for the highlight of our Bubby's day! A ride (or multiple rides!) on the tractor!

That little smile just melts me!

Daddy and Sissy got off to pick a few raspberries, but Mama stayed on so Bubby could enjoy it a bit longer.

The raspberries were sparse since it's the end of the season for that crop, but we were able to bring a few home.

After our bounty was paid for, we visited a few more animals!

And then we played on the hay bale tower for a bit!

We planned to make an apple pie, but a certain little boy snacked on apples all week leaving an empty basket and none left for a pie! 

We're looking forward to going to orchard next weekend and definitely have a pie on the to-do list with those apples!

It was a great start to my favorite season! 


  1. The best part of apple picking - besides the fresh air and bushels of good fruit - is making an apple pie. Sometimes they just don't last that long.

  2. The joy of apple picking and just spending time together as a family. We have three girls and they are growing so fast! The years fly by and those times together create memories.