Monday, August 4, 2014

Londyn Grace is 22 Months Old!

Only two months away from two?!!!

Londyn Grace is 22 months old. It seriously blows. my. mind. You truly don't understand how quickly little ones grow up until you have your own!

my sunshine
She just had her well-check with the pediatrician and he was thrilled with how she's doing! She weighed in at 23.8 pounds and measured 33 inches tall. He commented again on how advanced her vocabulary and social skills are. She also showed him some of the letters she can identify.

She's still wearing mostly 18 months, but some dresses are getting a little short. I'll probably start buying 24 months for the Fall/Winter. We're still making her size 4 sandals work, but her sneakers are size 5.

It's funny that she prefers wearing socks and sneakers over her sandals which is totally not like her mama who loves flip flops and sandals!

Goosey is proving to be taking after her Daddy in the intelligence department! She is so smart and picking things up so quickly. Her memory amazes me!

She absolutely loves letters and knows A, B, E, L, M, O, P, T, and Y really well. She points those letters out on a regular basis when she sees them on signs, packaging, in books, etc. I just picked up a pack of alphabet flashcards to start using with her.

She does count some, but definitely prefers letters. She usually gets to four and then repeats herself. "Two, Three, Four, One, Two, Three, Four!"  Maybe she'll love reading and writing like her mama?!

She can identify purple, pink, yellow and blue consistently but purple seems to be her favorite.

I've definitely lost track of all the words she uses on a regular basis. She's definitely way over 100 words now. It's been so much fun to listen to her talk and now even hold conversations.

Her favorite animal (well, sea creature!) is an octopus and it's probably one of my favorite words to hear her say! "Whale" and "Ducky" are also pretty precious! She loves for me to draw them on her chalkboard wall in her room.

I die every single time she says "tee-tle" when she comes up to tickle me! Another one of my absolute favorites is how she says "pee-dow" for pillow! I think I'll cry when she says it correctly!

She's become very very independent and one of her most used words if definitely, "Walk!" She wants to do everything on her own. She also refers to herself by name frequently meaning she wants to do whatever it is I'm trying to help with all by herself.

In church, she loves to say, "Amen, Pastor!"

Recently, she discovered the awesomeness that is Crayola Color Wonder paint and is in love! She would paint all day if she could.

watching the duckies! her smile says it all!
One of our favorite things to do together is to go to the parks to feed the duckies.

In the eating department, she's doing okay. Her newest favorites are peanut butter and popcorn (not together though!). I've started giving her peanut butter with her pancakes instead of syrup and she hasn't asked for syrup since! She has also added scrambled eggs to her breakfast rotation thanks to a visit from Mom Mom (my grandmother) last week.

This month, she visited North Carolina and Tennessee for the first time. She went to Dollywood (post still coming!) and had a blast riding the rides especially the duck ride!

She is still a singer through and through, constantly singing the ABC's, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and many others.

Sleep is still an area that she's doing wonderfully in! She does so well in her big girl bed for naps and nighttime. I'm just anxious to see how her brother's crying will impact this!

I still rock her to sleep and cherish every minute of it. Mimi bought a vintage lamp that plays music for the shared nursery and it's become an integral part of our naptime and nightly routine. I have to wind it up and play it over and over until she falls asleep. She also still nurses to sleep which will also prove interesting when Liam arrives. While on our vacation, she went two entire days without nursing which felt so strange after 21 solid months!

Speaking of her baby brother, she's been talking about him a lot more and seems to sense that things are changing. I don't necessarily think she totally comprehends that a baby is coming to live with us, but she does know that Liam is her brother! If you ask her what her brother's name is she proudly responds, "Liam!" and if you ask her what he's going to do when he gets here, she pretends to cry! It's so precious! When she sees his ultrasound picture, she says, "Liam!"

I've still tried to keep a list of the cute things she does/says including when

She wanted into Mimi's craft room where she has a jar of marbles that she likes to play with but the door was shut. She tried to reach the door knob but couldn't quite turn it so she said, "It's locked!" and tried to use her play keys to unlock it!

Daddy celebrated his 31st birthday and she sang most of "Happy Birthday" to him!

Every time she sees the phone at Mimi's house she wants to call Mom Mom!

She rode the lawn mower with Pop Pop for the first time!

She identified L on her own! Picking it out of all the other letter magnets.

She identified M on her own!

We were saying different names and she was saying "Hi, Mimi!" "Hi, Nonny!" Etc. and I said say "Hi, Brother!" and she looked at me and said something but I didn't quite hear what she said so I said, "What did you say?" and she repeated, "Liam!!" It's the first time she said her brother's name on her own!

She was sitting on the counter and playing with the kitchen utensils while I made lunch. She picked the cake server out and said, "Happy! Daddy! Yay!" It amazed me that she remembered seeing us use one to cut Daddy's birthday cake nearly a month ago!

She fell off the couch and hit her head and face pretty hard because she was trying to stand on a pillow (after Daddy told her not to stand on it) so for days she's been recounting the scene. "Daddy. Pee-dow (pillow). My nose. My head." I think she learned her lesson!

She asked for Daddy a lot while he was gone on several trips this past month. She is so happy that he is "home!"

I feel like there is so much about her that I can't put into words. I am just in awe of the little person she's becoming. 

I love this age so much in that she's learning and doing new things each day, but yet is still my sweet baby girl that wants her mama to hold and rock her each night.

I know the month ahead holds a lot of change for my Goosey, but I'm excited to see her as a big sister!

Thank You, Lord, for our girl!

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