Tuesday, August 5, 2014

36 weeks with Liam Daniel

It's August, and Lord willing, Baby Boy's birth month!! 

Size of Baby:  The size of a head of lettuce. He should be around 6 pounds and over 18 inches long! I'm starting to feel like he may be bigger than his sister was and that the newborn gown I had made may be too small! We shall see!

36 weeks 6 days
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Over 50 pounds ... hoping that nursing does the trick as it did with Londyn Grace.

Maternity Clothes:  Finding something that fits is getting a little difficult! 

Gender:  It's a BOY!! Our sweet Liam Daniel :)

Movement:  He prefers and seems super comfy on my left side! He is so so low though and the pressure is unlike anything I felt with LG! 

Sleep:  Waking up to use the bathroom and switch sides!

What I miss:  Nothing! Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing!

Cravings: Peanut butter! 

Symptoms: Heartburn, tiredness, lots of pressure and some soreness. Nesting like crazy!!!

Best moment this week: Continuing to get the house ready. My parents and grandmother came up and helped me pick up where I left off with my in-laws last week. Our family is amazing and I don't know how I would've done it without them. It feels so good to have the house clean and organized! I've been doing my best to have everything in it's place each night before I go to bed. 

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