Thursday, November 7, 2013

Loving the Leaves!

Londyn Grace, that is. Daddy, not so much, since he's responsible for the raking!

For the last few weeks, we've ("we" meaning Daniel while I'm occupied with picture taking ;) ) been attempting to rake and bag all of our leaves in the backyard and on the driveway and patio! Though our backyard is small compared to the backyard I grew up with living in the country, it is actually quite large considering how close we live to NYC. It is surrounded by tall trees that are just gorgeous during the Fall, but result in lots and lots of leaves to clean up!

Our township will pick them up and haul them away for free (well, not really for free since we pay taxes, but you get the idea!), but we are responsible for getting them to the curb!

All of the raking has resulted in lots of playtime and lots of pretty pictures of Goosey in the piles!

I hardly remember last Fall! It was such a blur of constant nursing and just trying to make sure the laundry was done so we've really made the most of it this year!
This little lady and her sweet smiles will never cease to cause my heart to skip a beat!

I love her SO! 

It seems each time Daniel works for a few hours raking and bagging, a million more fall resulting in another few hours of work!

So this past Monday, on his day off, he was at it again! 

Thus giving us another opportunity to play and photograph the fun!

She didn't mind sitting in the big pile, but wasn't too sure when Daddy started throwing them at her!

Fall has always been my favorite, but man this Fall has been extra special since LG is old enough to enjoy all of the wonder of it with us!

Have you raked your leaves, yet?