Sunday, July 7, 2013

The BIG 3-0

 In anticipation of Daniel's 30th on the sixth, we had a small party in Pennsylvania on Monday night! It was originally planned as a surprise party, but he ended up finding out about it at the last minute! Oh, well!  I did manage to keep the theme, cake, and his BIG gift hush hush!

We had the party at our home church's new building! After five years of renting various meeting places, we are praising the Lord for a permanent place of worship for them. 

I went with a Michigan football theme and a sweet family friend 
made the amazing cake!

It was so realistic that a few people were wondering where the cake was thinking it was an actual helmet!

Although very different from the frilly pink parties I'm used to planning, I enjoyed planning this one for my sweet hubby!

We had the party later in the evening so we served cake, ice cream, chips and salsa, pretzels, and watermelon. 

Londyn Grace seemed to enjoy herself!

She even helped Daddy blow out his candles!

His BIG gift was a new bike along with a trailer for LG to ride in! He was surprised and loved it!!

After a rainy day, it turned out to be a gorgeous evening celebrating my amazing hubby!

Happy Birthday, Babe! Lovey Lou and I love you more than words could ever say! We couldn't ask for a better husband and daddy than you! 


  1. I LOVE the football theme! My Patrick would love it, too. But it would have to be 4-0 part instead. :o) I love that Londyn Grace is matching the Michigan theme! :o) Are you all from Michigan? I was born in Ypsi.

  2. Aw dang, bummer that he found out last minute. Now you have to skip a year, because you cant try to surprise him twice in a row! Is that pretty girl's name really Londyn Grace?? That is just too much for me to handle. She is such a doll and that name is gorgeous.