Monday, July 29, 2013

Londyn Grace's Dedication {Part One}

{This will be a post in two parts with lots of pictures! I took portraits of LG in her dedication dress on
Friday night and then had a sweet girl from church take pictures during the service so I have several to share!}

I wrote this letter to our baby girl yesterday afternoon.

I never want her to think that she is okay just because she goes to church or is a pastor's daughter.

I want her to know how wonderful Jesus is for herself.

And, oh, how wonderful He is!

He has blessed us beyond measure with this little lady and we don't take the responsibility of teaching and training her lightly!

She is a gift that we want to steward well!

 Lovey Lou,

         Tonight, your Daddy and I will dedicate you to the Lord. We call it a baby dedication when in reality it is a parent dedication. When Hannah dedicated the son, she had long prayed for, to service in the temple, it was more about her heart and willingness to surrender Samuel than it was about his. He was but a child and unable to fully grasp the enormity of her sacrifice.

When we stand in front of our church and precious family this evening, you will wear a sweet smocked dress, matching bonnet and a pair of white shoes that were Mama's when she was a baby. You will smile and probably jibber jabber not knowing what is taking place. You will be unaware of the commitment we are making, but that's okay.

Dedicating you will do nothing to save you. You will have to decide on your own when you are old enough to understand what Jesus did. It doesn't guarantee that you will be a "good Christian girl" and never give us any trouble.

It means we are claiming Proverbs chapter 22 verse 6. We will train you and trust Him to keep you from departing from it. Daddy and Mama are promising to raise you in a way that
pleases God before our church and our closest family members. We are committing to pray for your salvation daily. We are desiring to live out our love for Jesus before you so that you will see the reality and blessing of knowing Him personally.

Oh, Lovey, how I hope you see Him in me. I hope you see how wonderful He is. I hope you see the Truth of His Word working in our lives. I hope you fall in love with Him not because we want you to, but because you are captivated by Who He is! I pray that church will never be just somewhere we go on Sundays, but that it will be a place that you learn to love at a young age.

Tonight is really more about Daddy and Mama and our desire to be the best parents we can be by pointing you to our Heavenly Father each day.

You also have amazing examples in your grandparents. Such godly men and women who raised Daddy and I up in church and live so faithfully for Jesus. Pop Pop taught Mama about being honest and godly in all aspects of life. Mimi taught Mama how to sing and to use the talents God blessed me with for His glory. Grandpap taught Daddy so much about ministry, and your Grammy has been an example of quiet strength and trust in God even through sickness. Your grandparents, great grandparents and even great great Mamal (you are her Scooter Bug!) love you so much and pray daily for your salvation. You have a goodly heritage, for sure.

Your Auntie M and Uncle Johnny have just gone through the hardest month of their marriage, with Uncle Johnny's Crohn's, yet they will be here tonight. You are just that special to them! Uncle Ben is coming, too! He started calling you Booger, but Grammy didn't like that so he settled on Squirt!

You have so many people that adore you yet all the effort we put forth will not be enough to ensure your entrance into Heaven one day. You must know the Lord for yourself. It is our desire to point you to Him, darling girl. 

Tonight is a night I imagine looking back on with thankfulness when you trust Jesus as your Savior, but that won't happen without faithfulness in the days to follow. Faithfulness to our walks with the Lord so that you have an example to look to. Oh, how I need Him to equip me for the great task of training you, sweetheart!

Right now, you are too small to see the sinner Mama is. You know me as your comfort, the source of your beloved "milky," the one who is with you 24/7, but as you grow I know you will see Mama's failures. I just pray that you will grow up seeing me fall at the Savior's feet again and again. I pray that you will know how I long to be the best mama I can be to you.

I pray you see Him in me. I pray that He is real to you.

Going to church every week, singing "Jesus Loves Me" and saying grace at the dinner table will profit you little unless you know the One who died for you. Daddy and I will be praying that the day you ask Him into your heart is sooner rather than later.

I chose this verse for you, 

   The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

I pray that you will soon see how mighty He is, how He desires to save you and bring you joy that only He can! You already love music so much so my hope is that you will praise Him with your voice one day!

We love you, Londyn Grace, and praise Him for blessing us with the privilege of being your Daddy and Mama! 




  1. That is a beautiful letter! What a wonderful expression of what we hope for our children. Thanks for sharing. And she's gorgeous, by the way!

  2. Wow...beautiful , Pop pop & Mimi are praying for you. So glad we were there and we love you!

  3. How beautiful!!

    We are having our daughter dedicated on her 1st birthday! O and my daughters middle name is also Grace! :)

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

  4. Loved the dedication posts! She will indeed see Him in you.