Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Six Months!!!

Happy half birthday, Londyn Grace!

Our teeny tiny newborn is six months old! She has grown so much this past month! Her little thighs are getting chunkier and she's even getting a little belly, but she is still long and lean weighing in at just 13 pounds 4 ounces and measuring 26 inches long! She is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing, but can still wear her 3 month skirts since she has a small waist.

We did it! We've been nursing for six months!! After the challenges of the first 3-4 months, things have gotten so much easier! She is now eating every three hours and is only taking about 20 minutes at the most to eat. Most days she's finished in just 10-15 which seems so strange after months of hour long nursing sessions! I am so grateful for Daniel's support because without it I would have given up in those early days.  He knew how important it was to me and has been so patient and understanding when it came to the time and energy exclusive nursing has taken. I love the opportunities  nursing has given me to just sit and hold my baby girl! I cherish the moments when she wraps her little fingers around mine and looks up at me so content and satisfied! I am looking forward to the next six months and planning to continuing nursing until her first birthday! We've worked too hard to stop now!

Her major developmental milestones for the month include finding her feet and sitting unassisted!! Just within the past few days she has been sitting alone for longer periods of time! She can also pull herself to a seated position using just our fingers for leverage! She has yet to roll back to belly, so I'm starting to wonder if she's going to skip it all together?! She has started to grasp objects using both hands and is now playing with the toys on her exersaucer as opposed to just looking at them.

This month she has become even more vocal. She still has moments where she will talk" and "talk" and others where she hardly makes a sound! It all depends on her mood, I guess! When she is tired, she is will crack up laughing at just about anything!

She spent most of this month teething something fierce, but that tooth has yet to make its appearance! Hyland's teething tablets have been a lifesaver! 

Along with her feet, our sweet baby girl has also found her sassy side! If she doesn't want to sit in her carseat she will stiffen up and fuss! So we are working on that! She often gets frustrated when she can't get a toy in her mouth just so.

Things are much better napping wise! Londyn Grace is taking 3-4 naps a day fairly consistently! Her morning nap is usually only a half hour while her afternoon typically lasts 45 minutes to an hour. She usually takes an evening nap as well. She is still a super light sleeper so she has to really be in a deep sleep if a nap is going to last for any length of time. We have graduated from nursing to sleep for naps though! We now walk and bounce! After a little fussing, she usually drifts off pretty quickly!

This month, Londyn girl has slept about 3-4 hours  in her crib in her own room several times! After her 1:30 feeding, I have been keeping her in our room, but will probably make the full transition soon.

Her favorite toys include the rattle Uncle Ben gave her for Christmas, Sophie the giraffe and most recently a teether bead bracelet that was in her Easter basket.

Londyn Grace loves to be held and is starting to reach for Mama when she wants me! (Be still my heart!) She is very attached to me, but her Daddy can make her smile like no one else! She doesn't like to be left alone and will start to cry if we leave the room.

Overall, she is a happy smiley girl! She is so quick to smile and lights up a room when she does! A lady at church calls her the Princess of First Baptist because everyone is always gathering around her before and after every service!

This month, we celebrated Londyn Grace's first Easter (blog post coming soon) and her great great grandmother's 93rd birthday! She also went along for our church teen activity and had a great time watching them bowl! 

Every month, I am amazed at how much more I fall in love with this little girl. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure!

Lovey Lou,

You are half a year old! What did we ever do without you? You bring us so much joy! After the adjustments and learning of your first few months, I think we are finally figuring each other out and getting used to being a family of three! 
Having you has changed us for the better and only strengthened Mama and Daddy's love for each other and for the Lord!
 Having you has made time seem to fly even faster than before! Wasn't it just yesterday that you were wearing preemie clothes? As I type this (with one hand!) you are napping in my arms. The house is messy and there are dishes in the sink, but I'm okay with that because you will only be little once!We are so looking forward to all you will do in the month ahead! We love you, Sweet Pea!
 Daddy & Mama

If you haven't yet be sure to check out her six month portraits here!


  1. Beautiful photos!! Congrats on nursing - huge accomplishment! I totally feel ya on the hour long sessions! Happy 6 Months!

  2. Oh. My. Gracious. 😯 I can not believe how big she's getting!!! It's crazy!!! She looks so adorable in the pics and I'm so glad to hear about the progress!!! Hope all is well! Miss u guys tons!!!
    Love y'all,
    Briana ❤
    P.S. thanks for all the comments on my blog!!! So happy to see that u get a chance to read it!!! I know that you're a busy momma!!! Would have replies but took a lil break from it but am back now!!!