Sunday, March 3, 2013

5 Months...

Londyn Grace at 5 months old
Five months. I'm not sure why I am having such a hard time with this one?! Maybe because its so close to six? And six means we are closer to one than newborn?!
Anyway, sad mama vent over... Londyn Grace is five months old!
This month has been so much fun as we've watched her little personality start to blossom!
She has found her voice that's for sure! She "talks" so much when we are at home or in the car, but doesn't seem to be as chattery when we are around other people. She isn't shy by any means though. She is quick to smile at anyone who talks to her and especially loves interacting with people at church on Sundays. She and Mama always make our rounds greeting every one before service begins! Everyone makes over her dresses and bows!
Speaking of dresses and bows, we have been busy adding to her collection this! We've or rather Mama has had so much fun putting outfits together and having daily photo shoots! She is growing out of 0-3 month clothes but still a little small for 3-6 so we mix and match depending on what it is. 3 month dresses are too short, but 6 months are too big body wise. We need an in between size! 3 month skirts still fit well though and some are even too big in the waist! We haven't had to move the snaps on her cloth diapers yet, but it won't be long! If she does wear a disposable, she is wearing size two!
At five months, she weighs 11 pounds 13 ounces and is 25 inches long! We are so thankful for her growth and for how much better nursing is going! She is nursing so much faster only taking about 20-25 minutes to eat! This is a huge improvement! It still seems strange though after months of hour long sessions! Most days she eats every three hours.
She is now taking three naps a day pretty consistently! She takes a morning, afternoon and early evening nap.  Within the last week or so she is usually staying asleep when I put her down to nap as opposed to only napping in my arms! This is quite an accomplishment!
happy girl
At night, Londyn Grace is sleeping from around 10:00 to around 4:00 in the morning. At four, she eats and then goes back to sleep until Daddy gets up to go to the church at 7:00. She eats again around 7:00 and usually goes back to sleep until 8:30 or 9. She is still with Daddy and Mama in their room though. We like having her close and she is sleeping so well, but we will probably start to transition her to her own room soon.
She has mastered rolling from belly to back, rolls from her back to her side constantly but has yet to roll back to belly.
She is recognizing her name now! It's so sweet to watch her look around for whoever is calling her name! Daddy will call her name and she'll look until she finds him and give him a huge smile! She is so aware of her surroundings now and will fuss if Mama leaves her sight! She is learning to sit in her swing in the kitchen while Mama washes dishes and cooks dinner. She will also sit in her bouncy seat in the bathroom while I shower. She is generally a very smiley, happy baby but is starting to grunt when she is impatient or wants to do something different/move on to a new activity!

Londyn Grace has a new found love of peekaboo. She also loves playing with a receiving blanket (don't worry...she is NEVER left alone with a blanket) She will roll around and wrestle it and chew on it. She'd rather have a blanket than a toy! Mama has found her tickle spot and she will crack up when tickled under her chin! She still loves playing with hands and feeling faces. We are working hard at teaching her not touch and grab glasses, hair, etc.
so beautiful
We fall more in love with her everyday and wonder where the time is going!
Londyn Grace,
         You are our sunshine and bring such joy to every day! What a privilege it is to be your parents! It's hard to believe that around this time last year, we saw you for the first time on that ultrasound screen and now you are five months old! 
       You have taught us so much in your short little life and we pray that we will be able to teach you as you grow (with the Lord's help, of course!)
        We can't wait to see what the next month holds as you learn and grow, but at the same time we are searching for the pause button because we'd love to keep you a baby forever!
       We love you, ALWAYS and ALWAYS, FOREVER and EVER, NO MATTER WHAT!
        ~ Mama and Daddy


  1. Happy Five Months ... It just keeps getting better & better, I promise!!!

  2. Such a pretty baby you have! And I understand your Mommy vent completely!! :o)

  3. So pretty!! Love the big chalkboard!

  4. She's such a sweetheart! And I felt the same way about five months. But then six didn't bother me as much. I guess because I can't change it! :)

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