Sunday, February 24, 2013

Growing Girl

Londyn Grace had her well visit with Dr. Schlachter last Monday. He is pleased with her growth and development! She gained over 2 pounds and grew 2 inches in six weeks. 

Due to her growth and from his experience, he predicts that she will be tall (probably between 5'8" and 5' 10")


He also said that her motor skills are advanced (a few weeks ahead!) and her core muscles are well developed in that she holds herself up very well when sitting supported. 

After his exam, we talked about starting solids! He recommends that we start with yellow and orange veggies! I am excited to see how she responds to these new tastes and textures, but we will wait until the six month mark to introduce them. In the meantime, I will work on preparing and freezing  different options for our Sweet Pea! 

We are praising the Lord for our growing girl! It is so hard to believe that our tiny six pound newborn has now doubled her birth weight! It seems like she is learning something new everyday!

We can't get enough of her sweet smile!


  1. She is adorable! Glad she is doing so well! Kevin is hitting six months next Saturday so I'm thinking about solids too! When did they grow up?? :)

  2. How sweet! I love that she will wear a headband. Bennett Grace rips hers off before I can even get it all the way on. Oh well!!